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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sew...how to make a weenie wrap out of an old pair of panties?

Well, it's 12:17 AM...just after midnight, and I just finished sewing a weenie wrap for my naughty toy poodle, Ben,.  He peed on my table leg for the second time today, and I couldn't find his crocheted weenie wrap.  I didn't want to go to bed and wake up to another mess, so I looked through my rag bag and grabbed an old pair of panties that were all stretched out (the elastic waist band wasn't even attached to the panties in most places, lol).

So, I measured my dog around the middle...15 inches.  He's a chubby toy poodle.  I measured my old underwear down the center, and cut off the sides, leaving material around the crotch. I made it 18 inches in length, so I'd have room to overlap it at the back when it was done.

I ironed the fabric as best as I could, and folded the sides in by about a quarter inch, and then another quarter inch so that the cut edge wasn't showing.

Next, I folded the lengthwise sides together so that they overlapped in the middle.

Weeniewrapfromoldpanties005.jpg image by puppyloveable

Then I folded the short ends over twice, so that the raw edge doesn't show.

Weeniewrapfromoldpanties007.jpg image by puppyloveable

I sewed the short ends in place. (excuse the mess on my table; I was working on a doll earlier and left everything out).

Weeniewrapfromoldpanties008.jpg image by puppyloveable

After this step, I sewed across the short edge near the crotch area, making sure not to sew the actual crotch area.  I wanted a pocket.   I have a computerized Brother CS4000 machine, and the LCD light went out so I can't tell what stitch I'm choosing.  I thought I was still doing a straight stitch, but I must have hit the stitch selection button because I got a surprise, lol.

Weeniewrapfromoldpanties012.jpg image by puppyloveable

Finally, I cut two pieces of that sticky mesh stuff...not velcro, but similar.  I placed it on the ends and pushed so that it stuck.  I pulled to see if I had to sew it on, but it had grabbed the fabric perfectly, so there was no need.  I accidently snipped the fabric open when I cut this sticky stuff, and had to mend the weenie wrap; sigh. 
Weeniewrapfromoldpanties013.jpg image by puppyloveable

Weeniewrapfromoldpanties014.jpg image by puppyloveable

I placed a pad in the pocket made at the crotch area.

Weeniewrapfromoldpanties015.jpg image by puppyloveable

And here is Ben checking his new weenie wrap out.

Weeniewrapfromoldpanties017.jpg image by puppyloveable

It's a perfect fit, and he seems content with it.

Weeniewrapfromoldpanties020.jpg image by puppyloveable

I'm happy with the way this turned out, and really happy that I can sleep without worrying that I'll wake up to another mess.

The next time, I'm going to use men's underwear, in a nice navy blue colour.  Now that I know that old undies make great weenie wraps, I'll know to take more time with the cutting and measuring.  I'm just a beginner, and I'm sure an experienced seamstress could make a really cute weenie wrap using this idea.  It would be cute with some detailing on the outside; a ribbon around the edges, or a decal sewn on to the back.  

If you try my pattern,  let me know how it works for you.

If you have a bigger dog it would still work...you'd just need to add more fabric to make it longer on each end (or buy bigger undies ;-0).

Friday, May 28, 2010

A hug with a kick in the butt

I wrote this email to my friend in a dolly group and it made me laugh so I decided I should keep it:

My parents just stopped off on their way to camp.  They picked up a big bag of dog food for Mac (because I can't lift it when I'm sick like this).  

My Mom is feeling good, which means her normal feisty temperament is back in full force. I don't know why, but for my whole life, whenever my parents do something nice for me, my mother follows it with criticisms.  I call it her "hug with a kick in the ass routine".  My parents put a whole new twist into the saying "no good deed goes unpunished", lol.

My Dad brought the bag of food in, and my Mother followed.  I asked how much I owed them, and my mother said "Don't worry about it."  I hate hearing that because it always means I'm going to pay...just not with money, lol.  

My house is a mess because I've been sick.  I'm a bit better, but I'm still breathing at only half my normal capacity.  Anyway, my parents know this; I talked to them on the phone this morning. I talked to them every day, even when they were in Toronto, and my mother told me to go to the emerg every day when she heard my coughing.   I specifically told them not to come over because my house was a mess and they wouldn't be able to handle it without getting mad.  I specifically told them that they were not to cross my threshold until 1 week after I feel better, because even when my house is at it's neatest, my mother finds things wrong.  I told them I would need at least a full week to clean up enough to allow them in the door and that I can't start cleaning until I can breathe.  I shouldn't have said anything because they took my visiting ban as a personal challenge and used the heavy bag of dogfood to gain entry, lol.

She did try; I'll give her credit for that.  She came in and scrutinized the huge coffee stain covering my left boob...white top, of course.  I just spilled that coffee a few minutes before they came in (thank God it wasn't too hot!).  She frowned at my piles of unwashed (but rinsed and neatly stacked) dishes, my table full of reborning stuff, and my bag of empty coffee cans hanging from the doorknob (my hanging things on doorknobs is almost a mortal sin in her book, lol).  She sighed loudly several times and shook her head, but didn't say anything. My Dad spotted my new sewing machine and scrutinized it, then sighed because he thinks I'm always spending my money on "junk" (unfortunately he was right about my old machine).  

Anyway, they almost made it without the kick...my Dad got out the door with only a few more frowns and head shakes, and my mother followed with loud sighs and narrowed eyes.  
She hugged me goodbye, said she loves me, and I thought "here it comes".  
She leaned into me and whispered, "Your father was completely devastated when he went into your basement." 
I thought I misheard her.  I said, "What? Dad didn't go into my basement today."
She said, "No, the last time he was here to turn on your water hose line, he was completely devastated."
I said, "You mean 3 weeks ago?"
She said, "Yes.  You have too many empty boxes.  You can't live like that."

It didn't help that the box for my new coffee machine was in the stairwell, and that the box with my new sewing machine was on the floor by the door.  The pile of dirty towels on the top step (from cleaning up after the old, leaky coffee maker) weren't a help, either.  I meant to take them all down the next time I go downstairs.

It's true that my basement is more of a wreck-room rather than a rec-room, but my gosh, of all the things to complain about.  She stood at the door berating me for a long time.  She was especially annoyed by the bag of coffee cans hanging from the doorknob, and wanted to know why on earth I was saving them.  When I said I was going to use them to make a crocheted canister set, she actually snorted.  They are not people who appreciate crafting, in any form.  It's all just "junk", according to them.

I know she was really upset about the basement because she said it was my father who was upset...she does that because she knows I don't listen to her when she complains things are messy because to her, a magazine on an end table is a horrible mess, lol.

Anyway, I had the last word. I listened until she wound down, and said "Isn't it nice that you're feeling good now and you don't have anything more to worry about than the state of my basement?"

She said "Yeah," but she wasn't happy, lol.

It's a miracle; this is the first time ever that my parents have criticized me and I've not gotten upset about it.  It really is nice that my mother has nothing else to worry about than the state of my basement.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Monkey ooak crochet

I designed this pattern for a baby monkey; I really love the way she turned out.  I named her Nalani, and put her up on Etsy:

http://www.etsy.com/listing/47388989/baby-monkey-ooak-crochetBaby monkey crochet