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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reborn baby, first biracial baby, Jada

I just finished making this baby girl yesterday.  I had so much fun painting her!  It was my first time trying a darker skin tone, and i love how she came out.  She is so chubby she barely fits into size 0-3 month baby clothes.  She's such a cutie! I still have to take good photos of her for an upcoming auction, and I still have to crochet something special for her, but here she is for now.

Reborn biracial baby girl, Jada

reborn baby girl with magnetic pacifier

Reborn baby doll, Trey

I made this cute little guy a few weeks ago and I really love the way he came out.  I crocheted the little blue and white sweater set for him (I love that blue yarn). I made sneaker-like booties and they're so cute.
Trey is still available for adoption.
He's such a cutie...he always makes me smile when I see him. He's so lifelike he takes my breath away.
Reborn baby boy doll, Trey

Crocheted sweater set for reborn baby doll

Doesn't he look sweet in his new outfit?

New reborn babies, Nod

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted.  I had a flood in my basement, and i've been having internet problems (not related).

I've made 3 reborn baby dolls since I last wrote.  Here the first.  He's from the Nod sculpt and he's anatomically correct.  He was already adopted.

I had fun crocheting the cute little sweater set with the bunny ear hat for him.  He looked so cute in it!
Reborn baby doll Nod

Crocheted sweater set for reborn baby doll Nod

Anatomically correct reborn baby doll, Nod


Nod after bath