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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

52nd Birthday vs 53rd Birthday; What a Difference a Year Makes!

Hi guys,
I have lost 90.8 Lbs since I started my weight loss journey on January 11th of this year.
Yesterday was my birthday, and I wanted to compare photos of last year's birthday with this years, to see the difference.

Here's a side by side showing my Dad and I, last year (on left) vs. this year (on right).  I was way bigger than my Dad, and now I'm smaller.

Me and Dad, last year vs this year's birthday
 The next photo is of me and my Mom.  I was enormous next to her last year; my head was way bigger than hers, never mind my body.  This year I'm only a little bigger (she wears a Ladies size medium and I'm in a Large or XL, depending on the style).  Last year I was wearing a size 5X men's T'shirt.
Mom and 1, last year vs this year's birthday

This last photo makes me sad, as my beautiful fur babies, Mac (black standard poodle) and Benji (white toy poodle) are no longer with me.  I miss my boys very much, but I don't miss the extra almost 91 Lbs I used to carry around.  Mac weighed 70 Lbs and Ben only 8; I've lost more weight than both dogs combined.  
RIP baby boys; Mommy misses you and loves you.

Me and my beautiful boys on the left, me with my watermelon "cake" on the right.
Watermelon "cake" 
If you want to make your own faux cake out of Watermelon, here's a link to a blog for a beautiful looking watermelon cake...much prettier than mine.watermelon cake recipe  I was short of time and not very skilled at cutting it into a cake shape, lol.  Also, we had no small berries for decoration.

My 53rd Birthday, Car Show and Walk, 90 Lbs down now

Hi guys,

I turned 53 yesterday; where does the time go?  53!!!  Wow.

I started celebrating a few days ago.  My friend Nancy and I went for a walk to the local car show, then did some shopping.  It was fun going into regular stores; I don't need plus size any more.  Nancy had RNY surgery 9 years ago so knows what I've been going through and is very supportive.  We're almost the same size now, too.

Here are a few photos of Nancy and I at the car show:
Nancy and Betty Boop

Nancy and "gangster" car.  

Me and pretty car

Me and blue car

Me with my favorite car

Nancy with antique car
We had a blast, even though we were sad because Nancy had to put her beloved dog, Simara, down a few days before due to illness and old age.

Yesterday was my actual birthday, and my parents took me out to dinner.  I chose Swiss Chalet because my tummy can handle moist chicken, and Swiss Chalet posts their stats online so I could see the calories/protein/carb content before ordering and make healthy choices.  I chose the quarter chicken, dark meat because I process dark better than white now, and a side garden salad with super low cal raspberry vinaigrette. I gave my Dad my bread roll and half of my salad, which made him happy.  He and Mom both had the chicken dinner with fries, and although I wanted fries, I was able to resist temptation and was more than happy with my chicken and salad.  I also ordered my first diet coke in over 6 months, but only had a few sips of it.

Mom and Dad at Swiss Chalet.  They are wearing matching shirts, lol,

My first sip of diet coke in over 6 months...delish!

After dinner, we dropped of a take out meal for my elderly uncle Buck, who wasn't feeling up to going out,and then I went for a walk at Whitefish Island with my friend, Albert. We walked for over 2 hours and had a lovely time.

Whitefish Island

Al at Whitefish Island

Me at Whitefish Island
I had to wear a sweater for the walk because I felt cold, but when I got home I changed back into my pink top for the photos, lol.

I made my own birthday "cake" by cutting a mini seedless watermelon into a cake shape, then "icing" it with low calorie cool whip.  I decorated with berries.  It was a very small watermelon so I only used a few berries. I had planned on using blueberries and raspberries but we were out so I used strawberries.  It tasted wonderful.
My watermelon "cake"
We didn't get around to "cake" and coffee until after 10 pm, because Al and I walked for so long, but it was a nice way to end the day.  My parents and uncle gave me money to buy new clothes, which was really nice.  My brother was on the phone long distance, in the photo below.
My 53rd birthday

Me with my cake

Me and Mom

Lucy, me and Dad

All that was left of my "cake" 
It was a nice birthday!