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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Latest craft projects

I've been having a lot of fun doing plastic canvas and needle felting, painting, etc., but I've been trying hard not to neglect my writing.  I've been busy working on another book.  Unfortunately, I've been neglecting my published book.

My Mom went for her follow up doctor visits and the doctors found 3 spots on her bladder.  She's already  had bladder cancer tumors removed twice; now on May 24th she has to go for her 3rd surgery.
Even scarier, her throat doctor checked her out...her throat is still clear of cancer, thank God, but he saw "something" in her windpipe.  He was unable to get to it, so he's going to do it next time he comes to town in 7 weeks.  I was so mad at my Mom for agreeing to that.  If it is cancer again (God forbid), time is important...and 7 weeks to wait to "find out" is crazy.  She's going to call the doctor tomorrow and ask if she can come to him, in Sudbury, rather than wait for him to come back to our town in 7 weeks.  Living in the North sucks if you're sick.

Anyway, working on plastic canvas and needlefelting has helped to keep me sane.  Here are my latest projects (I hope you enjoy!):

The little doll in blue is completely needlefelted, over a wire armature.  I crocheted her outfit and made a plastic canvas highchair for her. 
It's from a pattern for a Barbie doll nursery (so cute!), but it fits her perfectly.

The photo above has all of my needle felted items to date. I'm working on a dog now.

I made this butterfly valance set for my bathroom.  I love it.

I made so many plastic canvas coaster sets and tissue box covers, but didn't keep any, so I made this stone cottage for myself.  

I made this pretty napkin ring and holder set for my Mom.  I loved doing it because I got to use such bright, vibrant colours.  She really loved it.

Here's my Mom, Mac and Linda at the dessert table on Easter.  Mac looks like he's sniffing the flower napkin ring, but he's eyeing up the pie, lol.

I started painting another reborn doll, and he's almost done.  I just need to do the finishing touches, then I can root the hair and sew a body for him.
He still needs more detailing, but he's coming along nicely.  I have to make legs for my needlefelted dog, and working on another window valance...a bird themed one this time.  It would help if I'd do one thing at a time, but no, I do it all at once, and my poor house is a mess.  I have the doll and paints on my kitchen table, the needlefelting stuff on my computer desk, my laptop on a side table in my livingroom...and all the yarn in the world (it seems) stacked next to the couch, and on the back of the couch.  To make matters worse, the dogs pulled almost all of their stuffed animals out of the box and they're all over the livingroom floor, couch, and chair, lol.