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Monday, March 30, 2015

Crocheted doll with moveable head

This adorable little girl was made following the talented Beth Webber's Simply Amis pattern.  She is Mignonette, the little sister.  The pattern can be found her at Beth's website: By Hook, by Hand

Crocheted doll with moveable head
The pattern is extremely well done and nicely detailed. The neck is long and thin and is inserted into the head and sewn in a way that allows the head to turn.  It's a great feature.  The little button nose, bum and belly button add to the cuteness factor of this doll.
Crocheted amigurumi doll
Crocheted doll with dress
The dress pattern can also be found on Beth's website.  I modified it so the skirt is shorter than in the pattern. I also just did one row of the sleeves so she has capped sleeves, and added a flower, which I apparently didn't sew on tightly enough as it moves about.
Crocheted doll with little dress
Her wig was made by crocheting a cap in the wig color, sewing it on to the head, and crocheting individual strands into every second stitch.  Next time I will do every third or 4th stitch because the hair is too full. 
Crocheted doll with dress and large crocheted wig
I used baby hair clips to clip her hair back, but it also looks cute down.
Crocheted doll
I'm going to crochet a flower for her to hold, then she'll be ready to give to my Aunt as a cheery little gift.

Crocheted baby outfit

Crocheted baby sweater and hat set
I started crocheting this little outfit after Christmas, then got very sick and put it away because I didn't want to work on it while I was coughing and sneezing like mad.  Of course, I forgot about it and found it last week.  I finished it but the baby I had in mind for it will have outgrown it by now.  Oh well; the Mom is a neighbor I only know to say hi to; we're not really friends, and she had no idea I was making something for her baby so she won't be disappointed. Maybe I'll make a little bunny ear hat and bootie set for the baby for Easter.

Polymer clay and crochet doll

I'm so far behind on my blog; sorry.  I've been sick a lot with my asthma and various flu bugs, but have managed to do some crafting.  OK; a lot of crafting, lol.  I was going to try to fit it all into one post but after realizing how very much I had to catch up on, decided I'd better do individual posts instead of one that would be scroll length ;-0.
Polymer clay and crochet min doll with needle felted kitten and plastic canvas house
 I sculpted this dolls head out of polymer clay, and promptly forgot all about her (if I put things away I forget they exist; it drives my very organized Mom crazy that I need things out where I can see them).  I found the head awhile ago, and decided she needed a body, but I wasn't in the mood to sculpt one.  I love all of my crafts, but my favorite is crochet because I find it relaxing.  Plastic canvas is relaxing too, but crochet puts me in a zen state so I decided to crochet her a body.  I wanted to do a silly outfit for her, so I did.
Polymer clay and crocheted doll with needle felted cat and plastic canvas house

Polymer clay and crochet doll with reborn doll

 Here she is with one of my early reborn dolls, to show scale.