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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Plastic Canvas Haunted Dollhouse and Furniture, miniatures

I was searching through this blog for photos of  the furniture I made for my Haunted dollhouse, and realized I didn't blog about it.  I figured I'd do it now, as I'm thinking about putting my pc dollhouses up on  my Etsy shop.  I hate to do it, as I love my dollhouses; they make me smile whenever I look at them.  I'm moving soon though, and can't bring everything with me.  I have to downsize in a major way, and the houses are pretty big, even though they're for mini families, lol.

Anyway, here's the outer dollhouse, which I have blogged about before:

Plastic canvas "haunted" dollhouse with needle felted critters

Here are some photos of the interior with furniture:
Plastic canvas haunted doll house interior, with three floors, and miniature furniture,
smaller than 1 inch scale

Plastic canvas living room with ghost and cat
Plastic canvas doll house nursery with ghosts

plastic canvas dollhouse bedroom
Plastic canvas doll house kitchen 
I had fun making this, even though it took me a long time to get to the furniture.  It's a cute, whimsical pattern, and if anyone wants to try it, it can be found on ebay or  Etsy at times, even though it's long out of print.  I don't know how long these links will remain active as the pattern is considered rare.

This dollhouse was made with stiff plastic canvas, and it's very sturdy.  I thought the hallowe'en details on the wallpaper were fun, but the pattern called for eyes on all of the pumpkins and I thought that looked too busy, so I left them out. I love the cat pattern on the walls of the attic.  

The little drawers in the kitchen open, and I keep meaning to make some suitable items to go inside but haven't gotten to it yet.  I have some tiny little bottles that would be perfect, and some printies for hallowe'en treats would be cool.  

The pattern was easy to follow, and I would highly recommend trying this Haunted Dollhouse if you enjoy stitching plastic canvas.

I have no idea what price I would ask for this, as I've never seen one up for sale for comparison.  
What do you think I should ask for this?

Thanks for visiting, and have a great day!

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