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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reborn baby dolls BEFORE and AFTER

Good morning (or afternoon or evening, depending on when you're reading this).  I was asked to show some before and after shots of my reborn babies, comparing the blank sculpts to the finished, painted work.  I'm going to try to do that here, but Blogger doesn't have the best formatting, so wish me luck, lol. This is Lucy, sculpted by the talented Marissa May, and reborn by me.  My nursery name is Woodland Waifs, so you'll see that in most of the "after" shots.
Lucy sculpted by Marissa May, blank head
Lucy, Reborn

Secrist Zoe blank vinyl head
Here's an earlier doll I did, one of my first, but one of my favorites. She's the Secrist Zoe sculpt, a small 17 inch doll.
Zoe, reborn
Speaking of small dolls, I loved doing Denise Pratt's triplets, Teagan, Taite, and Tayla.  They're so tiny and cute.  I keep wanting to do a set to keep for myself, but of course never have the time.

Teagan sculpt, blank head
Teagan, reborn
Here's Denise Pratt's Taite.
Taite head, Denise Pratt sculpt

Taite, reborn by Woodland Waif's Reborns (me, lol)

I guess I should also add some photo' of Trey by Michelle Fagan, since I did that doll twice.  It's the only time I reborned the same sculpt twice, and I did it because i absolutely LOVE that sculpt. Michelle's Tory sculpt is another one that I love, and the only reborn that I kept for myself over the years. First I did the sculpt as a little girl with pretty Shirley Temple style curls, then I did it as a sweet little boy, one that I'm secretly happy hasn't sold yet because I'd love to keep him (but can't justify not at least trying to sell him as I need the money).  Here's Trey.
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Trey reborn with Shirley Temple curls
And here's the more recent Trey, done as a boy.
Trey reborn as a boy; my favorite.
Trey reborn as boy, crocheted outfit

The only reborn that I've kept over the years is Tory, sculpted by Michelle Fagan, and renamed Emily by my Mom.

Tory reborn
I just reborned my first biracial baby a few days ago. I used the Paisley sculpt I blogged about her earlier but here is a before and after shot of the little sweetheart.
I named her Jada, and if I can force myself to part with her, she'll be available for adoption.  I need to take better photos of her.  She's so chubby and cute, lol!
Paisley, reborn

Well, that's it for now.  It would take forever to do before and after shots of all of my reborns.  Maybe I'll add to this in the future, but for now, this is a good start.  
I really enjoy painting these reborns, and it's fun to look back on the older photos, or my reborn website, to see how I've grown as an artist.  Here's my reborn website, if you'd care to see more babies:

I apologize for the lousy formatting.  Believe it or not, the draft that I'm working on shows the photos lined up nicely, side by side, with the before's on the left and the after's on the right.  Yet when I hit preview, it makes the photos all wonky and puts them in the wrong place.  I spent about an hour trying to fix it and it won't get better than what you're seeing now.  I sure wish Blogger would improve it's formatting.

Have a great day!

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