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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Walk on the Beach

 I took the dogs for a walk on the beach today, and they had such fun!  In the above photo, Mac is jumping for joy, lol.
 I don't know if you can see the fence posts in the background, but there are about 50 of them, and Benji peed on each and every one.  It took forever to walk that stretch, lol.
 The ice just melted a few weeks ago and it's so nice to see open water!  Yay!
 Benji was a real trouper, even though he doesn't seem to like walking on the sand, lol.
 Mac pulled me up and down the beach and ran circles around me. 
 The beach is lovely at this time of year; we had the entire place to ourselves!

 It was pretty windy out, as you can see from the state of poor Ben's hair. 
 The ice just melted a few weeks ago but Mac still couldn't resist playing in the water.
 He really loves the beach.  I do too.
 Benji prefers the trails over the beach.  He's very picky, lol.
 Mac ran, and drank water, ran, and drank water.

 We walked all up and down the beach.  It was much easier walking on the packed, but wet, sand than the fluffy dry stuff.

When we got back to the truck, I discovered the driver door wouldn't close...at all.  I had no phone and nobody was out there so I had to use Benji's leash to tie the door closed so I could drive home.  My Dad fixed it, thank God.
Hope everyone else had a nice day!

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