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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My birthday, mall power outages, Father's Day, and mars craters, lol.

 I turned 51 on the 19th of June.  I had a quiet birthday with my immediate family.  We went out for supper and then back home for cake and fruit. 
Me and Dad
Here's Dad and I posing with the cake. The huge red candle is a family tradition; it's been used in lieu of birthday candles for decades, lol.

Between my birthday and Father's day, we ate out a LOT, lol.

Dad on Father's Day

The day before my birthday, my friend Albert and I decided to go for dinner and a movie.  We went to JK Sakura for all you can eat Japanese, Thai, and Sushi.  I do not like sushi but the Japanese and Thai food was delicious.  My favorite was the shrimp tempura, scallops, mango chicken, and General Tao's chicken.  There were other things that were yummy too but I can't remember the names of the food, lol.

The movie was a bust, because as soon as we tried to buy our tickets, the power in the entire mall went out.  Within minutes all of the cage doors came slamming down so we had to boot it to the hallway, lol. 
Lights out, power outage at mall
The emergency lights came on, and the skylights provided plenty of sunshine.
Power outage in mall
Almost all of the shoppers went  to the food court to sit down and wait for the power to come back on, but some just sat in the halls, lol.  Albert and I waited for about 40 minutes before we left.  We ended up going to the movie on Sunday.  We saw Jurassic World in 3D.  It was great, but man, the people who run Jurassic Park just never learn, do they, lol?

Food court during power outage
So, Albert and I went out for Japanese and Thai on Thursday.  My parents took me to my favorite Italian Restaurant on Friday.  I took my parents out for Wings on Saturday.  On Sunday I made my dad breakfast (bacon, eggs, tomato, toast) and then they left to take my uncle to Sudbury.  I bought my Dad various presents, fishing lures, coffee for his Keurig Machine, fishing hats, etc., but I think this was his favorite gift:
Certificate of Mars Crater Named for my Dad
I named a crater on Mars in honor of my Dad.  As you can see, I named it "Eric the Great Schopp".  When my Dad saw the crater online, he asked why I chose such a small crater. I assured him it was much larger than it looks like on the map, lol.  He's a big space fan so he was tickled by the gift.