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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Amigumi Mom and Dad dolls

I crocheted these mini me dolls for my Mom and Dad, for their respective birthdays (Dad in October, Mom 2 days ago).

Mom and Dad AmiguruME
 The dolls are very cute, and pretty big, standing at 18 inches tall.  They both have removable sweaters, and Dad has a removable baseball cap.  Mom has a tea towel, lol.
Mom and Dad AmiguruME
 I also found an eraser shaped like a wrench that is perfect for the Dad doll.

 I gave the Mom doll a little coffee cup, made from the lid of a hairspray bottle and some wire.
Mom also has a necklace and earrings, made from metallic thread. Her jeans have cuffs, and embroidered side pockets on the front. I gave her one embroidered back pocket as well  I tried embroidering seams down the side of her jeans, but I didn't like the way it looked so I took them out.

Both dolls have embroidered faces and safety eyes.  Mom has a wig, and I embroidered Dad's hair.
Mom's shoes are flats, but Dad's wearing sneakers with laces, lol.  Dad's top is not tucked in, but Mom's is.

I followed the pattern from the book AmiguruME .  Click on the link to check out the wonderful book, by Allison Hoffman. 

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