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Friday, June 3, 2016

Pet Gear Expedition Stroller, Extra Large

I ordered this cool stroller from Chewy.com.  I paid $143.00 for mine and the sale is over, but Chewy.com still has the best prices i could find.

Here's a video I took after Mac's first stroll:

Below you will see Mac checking out the box.  Ben is in his chair (with his step ladder so he can get up and down).
Mac checking out his new stroller while in the box

Unboxing new stroller
 I was a little concerned because the box had been opened on one end and I was worried that the store had sent me a returned item but all was well; the stroller was brand new.
Unboxing Pet Gear Expedition Stroller
 The stroller was wrapped well and seems very sturdy and well made.
The main stroller portion
 I had to cut off all of the wheels and handles, etc, which were attached to the main portion with plastic ties.
Wheels, axle, and handle
 Putting it together was very simple.  The instructions were easy to understand but the photos were small and not as clear as they should have been.  I had to call the free help number to figure out which way to put the front wheels on.  I suggested that they should record someone putting the actual stroller together step by step, and upload the video onto Youtube.
Wheels, axle, and handle unwrapped

Wheels on!
 I was worried about the wheels for nothing, as they went on very easily.  The stroller portion is like a pop up tent.
Wheels on, stroller popping up.
 The only hard part was the top bar had to be forced into place...would have been easier if I had someone helping me.
Almost put together now.
 Mac couldn't get in on his own so I lifted him in and pushed him around the living room.  He seemed to really like it and wouldn't get out.
All done with dog inside
 I had to lift him out, and then I brought the stroller outside, put the yellow matt down to make it cozier and hopefully more comfy for him, and then brought Mac outside.  He is too tall and long to get in on his own so I have to lift  him in and put him in bacward.  They really should have put a zipper entrance at the back so tall dogs can get in on their own.
Ready for a walk
 Mac is so long that I left the front open so he could let his paws hang out, which he did, immediately, lol.  He really seemed to love his stroll.  He was alert and smiling the whole time.  He got a LOT of attention, with almost everyone calling him spoiled.  When I explained that he can't go for walks on his own any more people seemed to understand.
After 1st walk

Mac and Ben in stroller
 We walked to Second Avenue and back, and I let Ben check it out.  Ben sniffed around all over.
Benji is checking it out
 Then he tried to jump out, which Mac seemed to find funny, lol.  Doesn't it look like he's laughing?
Mac and Ben

 I lifted Ben out before he jumped, lol.  After I helped Mac out (he tripped when he tried to come out on his own), Mac had a hard time walking.  I don't know if it's because he tripped or if he was lying weird and hurt his discs when he was in the stroller,  or if it was too bouncy.  It didn't seem bouncy at all but I wasn't the one riding in it, so who knows. 
 After I made sure Mac was OK I put him in the house and put Benji in the stroller.  I had to zip up the front so he wouldn't jump out. 
 He enjoyed walking from window to window, looking out while I walked.  The stroller wasn't exactly heavy with Mac in it, but it was light as a feather with only Benji inside.  The stroller itself weighs 30 Ibs but I didn't feel it at all because the wheels turn nicely.  Mac weighs 55 Ibs but Benji only weighs 6 Ibs so the stroller was light as a feather with only Ben.

 I took Benji to the park and let him out for a bit, then put him back in for the ride home.  He seemed to enjoy it but refused to lie down; he just wanted to look out every side, lol.
Benji and stroller at the park

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