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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bike Packing Supplies: Panniers, Mess Kit, and Headlamp

A package came in  from China today; woohoo!  I am so excited.
 I opened it up and discovered my Panniers!  I was surprised they could lay so flat; I'd imagined they'd come in a big square boxy package.

The material is nice and sturdy, water resistant but not water proof. I  ordered some waterproof covers for them but they aren't in yet.
 There are three parts to the pannier, a top part, and two side parts.

 The two side parts are connected, and the thin black strip down the middle sits on top of the rear pannier rack on my bike. The top part of the pannier can be clipped onto the top of the side parts.

 I stuffed one of the bags to see how much it would expand, and was happy to see it should hold quite a bit.

 I stuffed the top part as well.  It would hold my laptop nicely, as well as other items.
 A few weeks ago I purchased this Coleman mess kit at the Walmart for under 20 dollars; I think it was 12 bucks.

 The pots and pans are extremely small and would be great for a boy scout or girl guide.  They will also work for backpacking or bikepacking.  There's just enough room to boil water for an instant coffee or tea, to heat up a bit of soup or stew, or to MAYBE make some instant noodles, lol.  The little frying pan would be big enough for a few scrambled eggs, or one hamburger patty.  It's a great little lightweight starter set but if I end up enjoying bikepacking, I'll get bigger, nonstick set.

 I also picked up a headlamp for my bike, for riding at night. It would also be nice to use while bikepacking.  I had hoped to do an overnight bike ride this fall, and I may still, but if I do I will be staying at a motel, not a camp ground. The spiders are freaking enormous this year, and i hate spiders, lol.  I'd still like to try biking with a tent, but that will have to wait until next summer, at the start of summer, when the spiders are still small, lol.  I'd also have to buy a tent first; I have no idea where mine is; I haven't seen it in over 10 years so it may have gotten lost in a move somewhere along the way.

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