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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Country Road, Take Me Home...

...To the Place, Where I Belong...

Well, I've been looking for a house in the country.  I went to visit 3 of them today (and took pics of the 2 that I like).  Both houses have pros and cons...one has waterfront property, and is very pretty and quaint looking, but it's an awful mess as it's been empty for awhile.  It would  need new painting, wallpaper, floors, and one part of the ceiling would need to be restuccoed (or whatever that stuff is).   It also had hundreds of flies on every window sill, and I saw some mice traps that had been set and left.  So, even though it's a great property, and the house itself is really nice...or could be, with work...I'm hesitant.  Plus I don't know anything about the well or septic tank.
The other white house was in much better shape looks-wise.  Sparkling clean with bright, airy rooms and lots of windows.  It was a lovely house, but it also had flies on the windowsill, and on the ceiling in the basement...the lady there said that almost all of the country homes have them.  I wouldn't like that at all.  That house had a really scary basement, and the tenant said that it had 3 feet of water in it in the fall.  I asked if they had a sump pump and she said no...I wonder if a sump pump would help?  I was surprised to hear about the flooded basement, because the house is up on a hill.  Oh, the other problem with that house is that it doesn't have a well...they share the well with the neighbours.  I don't like that.
I'm not in a hurry; I can keep looking.

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