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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Memory...hello old friend

Well, I finally remembered that I was a member of Blogger; I even managed to remember my name and password so I could log in; woohoo!

Is it me, or does anyone else have an awful memory?

I crocheted this little Siamese cat last night; I've been wanting to try the pattern for ages and I'm very happy with it.  You can see the actual pattern on my laptop in the pic, lol.

This patten was designed by the very talented Beth Webber.  She graciously posts her free patterns on her blog, By Hook, By Hand.  http://byhookbyhand.blogspot.com/2009/07/one-of-things-ive-really-wanted-to-do.html

It's a great blog; if you like crocheting, you should follow it.  I decided to leave a comment, and in doing so, was prompted to sign into my own account, which made me remember that I actually had a blog here, lol.  I figured it was time I started using it.  I've been putting a lot of my finished crocheted items on my "Ravelry" account, and there's a way to link blogs, so I'm going to try that next.

Wish me luck!



  1. Your kitty is great! The Siamese is my favorite, even though Mom's aren't suppose to have favorites :-)


  2. Thanks Beth! You did such an amazing job creating this pattern. My camera battery was half dead when I took these pics; the camera kept shutting itself off. I wanted to get more pics, but my dog Mac stole the cat while I was sleeping, and now the poor thing looks a little worse for wear, lol. I'm definitely going to make this pattern again. As soon as my glass eyes come in the mail, I'm going to try your dog pattern too.
    Thanks so much for sharing!