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Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Proofs are in!

Well, my new proofs are in, and my Dad went across the river to pick them up (I have them shipped to the US side of the border because it's half the price).

My Dad is going to bring the books here after he has his lunch.  He's also going to put my new air conditioner in for me, and I can't wait to have it up and running; this heat wave has been hell on my asthma.  My poor house looks like a tornado hit it, as I can't even sweep the floor without having trouble breathing, and when I have to choose between a neat house and oxygen, well, breathing wins every time.

I hate asthma, but I guess I should be thankful for it because it's the reason I became such an avid reader.  I've always loved books, and reading was the one thing I could still do, even when I was sick.  Maybe I should dedicate my next book to my poor lungs, lol.

I sure hope my book sells.  I know it won't be easy because I'm still learning about publishing and marketing, but I really felt like self publishing was the way to go.  I love having control over every aspect of the book.  I'm using createspace for now, but eventually I would like to use lightning source as a printer.  They charge too much for proofs though; createspace is a lot more forgiving, which is great, as I completely changed the cover design.

I originally wanted something that looked hand drawn by a child, but then I decided I wanted something more professional looking.  I can't wait to see how it turned out.,  If all goes well, I can start selling on Amazon right away.

I'll also have to sell via my website because all of my online friends want autographed copies.

After this book is up and running, I'm going to rewrite my time travel novel and publish it. It was originally entitled "The Mystery of the Magic Maple", bu then I changed it to "The Owl Pearl:  Through the Roots of Time".

I like the first title better, but my main character is named Marty MacPherson and when I wrote query letters it seemed like their were too many M's, lol.

I should probably put the book up on authonomy first, to get feedback there. It's a great way to get reviews too.

Well, I'd better clear a path through the clutter in my office so that my Dad won't trip while carrying the air conditioner.  The dogs took every one of their toys out of their toybox; sigh, so I'll have to go pick them up first.  I wonder why they always empty their toybox?

PS:  Anyone reading this may wonder how on earth I can write, considering the way I'm rambling in this blog, lol...you should know that I'm writing with a migraine and therefore not thinking coherently.

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  1. Having an asthma is not that bad at all. Imagine, it made you develop a good habit, which is reading. You may not be physically active, but mentally, you're competitive. Find other ways to be productive and never let your condition control your life.

    -Karina Rheaume @ USHealthWorks.com/Everett-Paine-Field-Center