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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sculpting a Miniature Black Bear

Well, the title says "black bear", but it's currently an off-white bear.  I made it because one of the moss jars (made yesterday) has a little cave area, perfect for a bear, I thought.

I am not a sculptor.  The last time I tried to sculpt, I made a mini baby doll that resembled an alien corpse.  I was into bread dough the year I was 21 and made several Christmas decorations, and other items, but that's it.
Polymer clay bear...my first try.
I took the above photo, and then realized it doesn't show scale, so I added a penny.
A penny to show scale...it's a tiny bear.

After I bake it, I want to paint it black.  Here he is in the oven:
Baking bear.
He looks lonely in there, and sort of polar bearish...on dirty snow, lol.
Hopefully I won't burn him.  Wish me luck.

Later that same day ;-0

Black bear, wet paint.

Here he is; yay!  I'm so glad that I didn't burn him.  I mixed blue and brown to get a nice blue-black colour, so he won't be flat black (I hope). 

I don't know how other bloggers manage to have such pretty photos of their works in progress.  I'm so messy, lol.  They have their ingredients in little woven baskets; they have pretty table cloths and everything is perfect.  I have bits of ripped paper towel sitting on the crumpled brown paper that came in my last parcel...I knew it would come in handy one day, lol.  I used a Becel lid to mix the paint.

While I wait for the paint to dry, I snapped some photos of the Bear's habitat (along with other moss jars).
Bear habitat.
I'm hoping he'll fit nicely on the "shore", with part of him in the "cave".  I had fun making this moss jar; it's my favorite one so far.

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