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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We're back

Well, we're back from Guelph...we got back on Friday night, and I've been taking care of Mac since.
He had major surgery on a disc in his neck last Wednesday, at the University of Guelph Veterinary College.
It was a 10 hour drive to Guelph, so I figured since we were going, I may as well take Smokey, my African Grey Parrot, too.  We don't have any avian vets in the Sault and I was concerned that Smokey was laying too many eggs.
Well, Smokey LOVES car rides, and she talked the entire time, for 10 hours straight.  She is sooo funny.
At one point, I was driving, and she said, "Kathy, come here!" I said, "I can't come there, I'm driving."  She said, "Kathy, help me!"  I looked in the rear view window and saw that Mac was sitting up.  His crate was facing her travel cage and they were face to face with only the bars of the crates between them.  Mac had his mouth wide open, panting, and Smokey was looking at those big fangs.  I told her that Mac wouldn't hurt her, and she said, "Bad dog!  Go lie down!"  Mac listened, lol.
My Dad and I had quite the drive.  He drove most of the way.
We stayed at the Comfort Inn, and I was sick for the first few nights because they put us next to a smoking room. I have severe, chronic asthma and can't be near smoke at all.  I told them that when I booked the hotel, and they told me there was no smoking at all on the main floor.  The booking guy lied.
The staff were very friendly though, and the hotel was pet friendly.  We couldn't find another room because there was a conference in Guelph and all of the nicer places were filled right up.  The Comfort Inn in Guelph would be fine for people who don't mind smoke, but it's a terrible place for someone like me.
The continental breakfasts were good though.
Smokey kept everyone entertained, everywhere she went.  She was a huge hit at the vet college.  Her team of vets loved her, and congratulated me on having such a beautiful, well socialized bird.
She spoke to everyone in the waiting room.  She greeted everyone who came in with a hello, and said goodbye to everyone who left.  She barked, meowed, quacked, did a chicken, and various other sounds.  She said hello to the vets, and goodbye when we left.  She really reduced my stress levels, because I was a basket case over Mac.
The vets only gave him a 70% chance of doing well with the surgery.  He had a 10% chance of getting worse with surgery, but a 100% chance of getting worse without it, so we went for the surgery.  The surgery went well, with no complications, thank God, and Mac is already walking better.
Yesterday he barked at me to ask to go out for the first time since he got hurt.  Today he asked to go out twice, and agreed to go out a third time.  His strength is returning, he seems more alert, and he was begging for popcorn today.
I'm praying he'll continue to heal.
My Dad was great; he drove most of the way to Guelph, and all the way back.  He was so supportive; I couldn't have done it without him.  It was nice to spend time with him like that.
We were able to spend time with my nieces and nephews (Dad's grandkids), and that was wonderful.  I'll post pictures later.
When we left, Smokey said "Bye now, take care" to the hotel staff.  They were sad to see her go.
When we picked Mac up, she said, "How ya doin, dog?"  It was so cute.
It's good to be home.  My Dad babysat today so I could go grocery shopping.  I bought tons of stuff so I wouldn't have to ask him to come again for awhile.
I guess that's it for now...it sure is good to be home again.
Take care!

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