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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Needle felted kittens

I've been busy organizing and packing things up to sell or give away before I move, but I was having crafting withdrawals so I made this needle felted black and white kitten to go with my yellow kitten.  The new kitten isn't quite finished but I wanted to share.
needle felted kittens

needle felted kittens and dog

Kitty in tree

kitten s playing in crocheted tree

needle felted kittens

needle felted kittens

Needle felted pets

needle felted pets

needle felted pets

needle felted kittens with 8 inch Paulinette doll

Tuxedo kitten in progress

I love needle felting; it's so cool to watch a clump of wool turn into a critter.  I want to order some eyes in a variety of sizes.  I have some pretty cat eyes here, but they're way too big . These ones are too small.

I was up early, at 6:30 AM because my body aches from packing and moving heavy items, plus painting the shed.  It was fun, painting, but I'm not used to having to bend down to floor level then reach up over my head, repeatedly.  I have fibromyalgia and my whole body is complaining.

My almost 73 year old father rebuilt one wall of the shed, so I can only imagine how he must feel today...sore, I imagine.  He's a hard worker, always building things, but I felt guilty when he came over yesterday with wood to fix my shed.  The people who built the shed built it right on the ground, with no concrete foundation, so the wood was really rotten.  

My Dad's birthday is on the 23rd of this month; we're taking him out to dinner. He doesn't want a gift.  I'm not sure what to get him....he's hard to buy for.  I'll ask my Mom what he needs.

Well, I'm going to go pour a nice cup of coffee now. I have to list more items for sale.  
Take care!

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