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Friday, January 11, 2013

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and that the new year will bring you joy.

I was sick since the month before Christmas, and I had a high fever on Christmas Day but went out anyway (and got sick all over again, lol).  I'm starting to feel better now, thank God.

I made lots of plastic canvas gifts for Christmas, but can only find photos of one set of ornaments.  I thought I took photos of the others; but maybe I forgot.
Plastic canvas elves with needle felted kitties and bunny
I did get some photos of these little elves; I really loved making this pattern; they were so much fun to make.  I put some of my felties in the photo.  I gave these elves, but I'm going to make another set for myself.

My Mac had a wonderful Christmas; he was sooo happy to go to Grandma and Grampa's house.  He and Ben were thrilled to get stockings at my house and gifts at my Mom and Dad's house, plus they each had a plate of turkey dinner.  Mac was smiling for days, lol.  He deserves it; he had such a rough time last spring, with that big surgery, then months confined to a crate.  I pray he'll stay healthy and happy like this.

Mac and Ben opening their gifts under the tree.

Dad laughing about his plastic canvas stocking stuffer, lol.
My Dad rarely smiles, but I always get good photos of him laughing because I give him some silly gifts to laugh at, lol.  He's holding a Rudolph cup, with candy canes.
Here's Mom and Dad and Mac, with Linda in the chair.  
This is a photo of my Mom and Dad in front of the tree. That's my Dad's normal expression.
Dad forcing a smile, with Mom laughing at him
I made Dad smile in this photo, and my Mom is laughing at him because he's putting it on, lol.  My cousin Linda is watching from the chair, probably wondering why we're laughing because she can't see their faces.
Here's Mom, Me, Linda, and Mac
Mom, Me, Linda, and Mac are in this photo. Mac tries to get in all photos, and he poses, the funny guy!  I was really sick here, with a high fever.  My face was redder than my shirt.
Me, Dad, and Mac
Here I am with my favorite guys, my dog, Mac, and my Dad.  My little guy, Ben, didn't want to join in the photo.  I was so hot I had to go stand outside in the snow several times (which probably wasn't a good idea given the fever was high, but I really thought I'd melt if I didn't cool down, lol).
Dad carved the turkey and served it on this plate

Mom and Dad getting dinner ready; Mom won't let anyone else in HER kitchen

Niclole and Kenny, engaged

Me, boiling to death while I open gifts (with Mac supervising)

Mom, opening her gifts

Mom by the fireplace 
We had a wonderful time, me included, even though I was sick.  My Dad had a fire going and I could only stay down the basement long enough to take this photo before I had to go stand outside in the snow to cool off. He likes it hot.  Then later I got home and got the chills and couldn't get warm.  Fevers suck, lol.

I hope you all had a nice time, and that the new year will bring lots of happiness.
Kathy, Mac, and Benji

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