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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary

My Mom and Dad celebrated their 50th Anniversary on Dec. 30th, 2012.
Can you imagine, 50 years together?  Wow!
I hope they have many more happy (and argumentative, lol) years together (My Mom and Dad are like Marie and Frank on "Everybody Loves Raymond").

Mom and Dad didn't want to go out to dinner and they wouldn't let anyone help them; they wanted to do their own 50th party.  My Mom was (and is) thankful to be here, and thankful that her appointments for her throat and bladder were good, and clear, with no sign of the dreaded C word.  She said that was her best gift.  They don't let anyone help in the kitchen (except for clean up after, lol).  

My uncle brought over some pizzas to add to all the food my parents put out.  Everything was delicious, and dessert was to die for.

Left to right, Linda, Pam, Judy, Carlo, and Buck

Cobie, Karen, and Lyle

Dad serving munchies.

Time to eat!

Johnnie's girlfriend (can't remember her name), Johnnie, Tony, and Pam.

My handsome baby brother, Steve, drove in from Arnprior (outside of Ottawa) as a surprise.  It's a 9 or 10 hour drive, so he doesn't come often.  My parents were thrilled.

Mom and her childhood friend, Karen.
Cobie and Lyle.

Dad and Steve

Cousin Andie.
Tony and Carlo

First Schopp family photo in ages; me, Mom, Dad, and Steve.  I still have a slight fever here,  but it's much lower than it was at Christmas and I was starting to feel better.  Thank goodness my face wasn't beet red, like at Christmas, lol.

Mom, Judy, and Cobie

Carlo and Judy

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