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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Baby Hippogriff crochet

Harry Potter and baby Hippogriff crochet
I wanted to make a baby Hippogriff but couldn't find a pattern, so I just sat down last night and made this while watching TV.

Horse end of Hippogriff crochet
Greybeak is half eagle, half horse, and I created him as Buckbeak's baby as part of a challenge for my  Hogwarts at Ravelry group. In the story, Buckbeak and his wife Cobeak ask Hagrid and I to babysit Greybeak while they fly south for the winter.  Greybeak's adult flight feathers have not come in yet, and he doesn't have the strength yet to fly all the way south.

Harry Potter and Hippogriff amigurumi
I have an Uncle Buck and an aunt Cobie, who we always call Co, so the names Buckbeak and Cobeak make me laugh every time I type them, lol.

Harry Potter and baby Hippogriff, Greybeak, crochet
My Harry Potter grouping is getting quite large now.  I'd like to learn how to do stop motion animations with them.

Harry and Hippogriff crochet
I have to move soon, and I really don't want to, so crocheting has been keeping me sane by calming me when I start to feel too anxious.  I have a beautiful backyard, fully fenced, and my dogs are going to miss it so much when we move back home with my parents.  I hope we won't be there for long, and I pray that we'll find a place with a fenced yard.  I'd seriously live in a one room cabin if it had a fenced yard for the dogs.

Harry Potter climbing onto Hippogriff's back, crochet
In the meantime, I'll channel all of my anxieties into crochet, and see how many Harry Potter characters I can come up with, lol.  
I already have Harry, Ron, and Hermione in crochet.  I have needle felted Hagrid, but I will probably do a new Hagrid in crochet soon; I want him to be taller.

Harry Potter crochet, with Hippogriff and Hagrid
I also have to update my blog because I also crocheted several other HP characters...but that will be a surprise for later.

Needle felted Hagrid with crocheted hippogriff
If today hold challenges for you, too, I hope you'll find relief with your arts/crafts/creativity, whatever it may be.  For me...my crochet hook is calling :-).

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