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Thursday, January 19, 2017

13 Days until RNY Gastric Bypass (Weight Loss Surgery)

Hi Guys!

Sorry I have been AWOL; I had to fly to Toronto a week and a half ago for a Pre-Op appointment with my surgeon and his team.

I originally was going to drive but we have a LOT of snow:
So I wimped out and booked a (super crazy expensive) last minute flight to Toronto.

I left on Sunday Jan. 8th; my Dad drove me to the airport, lucky me, as I hate driving when it's snowing and blowing. I flew home on Thursday Jan. 12th, and was lucky enough to be able to stay with family and friends while in the Toronto area.  I stayed with my ex sister in law and friend, Leslie, her Mom, and my gorgeous nieces and nephew.
Dad at the airport

Clary doing her homework

Lexi and Clare

Lexi, Clare, Chris, Leslie, and Sandy


Chris and Max

It was so nice to spend time with everyone again; it had been almost 5 years since I saw them last.

My first night there, they ordered yummy exotic food that I've never tried.  Shwarma and other things.  It was quite good.  My favorites were the fries with some sort of cheese and dip, and the wrap.  We watched a movie on Netflix and just took it easy while we caught up with one another.

They go to bed early; the teens are in bed by 10 and the adults go to bed at 11 so that was a surprise, and difficult for me to adjust to as I'm normally up until about 3 AM, lol.  I ended up taking an ativan to help me sleep, and just when I had fallen asleep, the fire alarm went on.  And on, and on.  We had to walk down 5 flights of stairs to the lobby, where a fireman instructed us to go down another hall, which was crazy as that hall was smokey and I have asthma.  We ended up sitting in the van with the heat blaring for about an hour or more before we were allowed back in.  Some jerk had tossed a lit cigarette down the garbage shute!

There was a blizzard on the day of my pre-op meeting, Jan. 10th.  I couldn't believe it!  First a fire, then a blizzard, lol.  Luckily, it was a Toronto blizzard, which looked like a typical Sault Ste. Marie snow fall.  We didn't have to go on the highways, thank God, and the drive to the hospital was short, only 10 or 15 minutes.  It was snowing and blowing a bit but not too bad.  

My pre-op meeting went well and my surgeon, Dr. David Lindsay, could be on the cast of Grey's Anatomy; he's THAT good looking.  So much so, that after I met with him, the nurse asked what I thought, and I told her he seemed very nice, and competent.  She said, "And handsome?"  I cracked up laughing and told her they have their very own Dr. McDreamy. She said "everyone says that!".  LOL.

The whole team was very nice and very kind, and the anesthesiologist was another cast member from Grey's Anatomy; very handsome.   At the end of all of my appointments I was given 3 weeks worth of Optifast 900, a high protein diet.  I had to take them out of their boxes and they barely fit in my suitcase:
Optifast, my diet for 3 weeks!
I'll do a separate post about Optifast, but suffice to say, today is Day 9 and I'm doing great!  I'm down some weight too.

My Dad picked me up again after my flight came in and I was astonished to see we've had even more snow.  Regardless, it was good to be home.
Back yard.

Street facing West.

Street facing East.


  1. Hello,

    I am VERY interested in how you make out with your surgery!

    1. Thank you, it went well and I am home again now. I lost 9.8 Ibs in one week after surgery, and 32.8 Ibs altogether in the past 4 weeks.