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Friday, July 7, 2017

Bike Riding and Weight Loss, I'm down 98.8 Lbs Now!

I love riding my bike so much!  I did 48 km in two days this week; which is crazy considering that a mere 22 weeks ago, I weighed 98.8 Lbs more than I do today, and couldn't even walk for 5 minutes without having an asthma attack.

I am only 1.2 Lbs away from my 100 Lb lost goal; I can't believe it.

Last year when I bought my bike, I loved it a lot, but a 20 km ride took me ALL day and wiped me out for a week.  The other day I went for a bike ride, and did 30 km in about 3 hours, with only one 10 minute stop for a rest (and fifty zillion stops for photos, lol).  Here are a few of my favourites.

My bike on Base Line

Airport Sign
 The picture above is the Airport sign, at the end of the driveway that leads to the, well, airport, lol.  It felt so amazing to ride my bike there, and past it, because the last time I drove past that sign was with my Dad when he dropped me off, then picked me up again at the Airport after my RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery, which I had in Toronto.  I was 98.8 Lbs heavier then. I never would have guessed I'd be able to ride my bike out there by this summer.
Mark's Bay
 These photos show Mark's Bay.  There's a long, bumpy dirt road that leads off the main road to Mark's Bay and it was rough to ride on, but funny too, as I sang the whole way at the top of my lungs to scare off any potential bears.  My friend Albert saw a bear and a moose at Mark's Bay last week (not on the same day) so I didn't want to take any chances.  There were no bears or moose, but there was a rather amused family who laughed at my singing.

Sun starting to set over Mark's Bay
 I hadn't realised it was already 7 pm when I set off on my bike, so i only had a short 10 minute rest before I had to head home again, and even so, I was riding in the dark toward the end of the ride. I have lights and reflectors, and was wearing my helmet, so it was all good.
Sunset on Base Line

Moon over a pretty field

I am planning an overnight bike trip for sometime next week.  I've been buying the gear I need slowly...tent, sleeping bag, mattress pad, etc.  The last thing I needed was some sort of cooking stove. I did order one on Ebay, but it won't come in before I plan to leave.  I really only want to boil water for tea or oatmeal, etc., so I watched a lot of Youtube videos and decided the easiest and cheapest thing to make would be a cat can oil stove.  I went out and bought two cans of cat food (in case I screw up the first one) and a one hole punch, and some fondue fuel.  I basically just have to punch 2 layers of alternating holes along the top of the can, pour in some fuel, light it, and I'll have a mini oil stove.  I didn't want to waste the cat food so I drove to the park after I bought it and fed it to the seagulls, who were very happy to get it, lol.

I'll do another entry this weekend, after I make the stove and test it.  Wish me luck!


  1. You are so encouraging. I have lost 30 on my own. But now at a standstill. I bought a bike a few months ago. I drove to the lake parking lot to practice the first time I took it out of the car. The rear tire was flat. I have filled it with air but have not gotten back on it. I dont want to ride around my house because it is very hilly and I know the first time would be very hard. Plus, I am in my 60s and need practice on just a plain flat surface. The other problem is I have such a hard time putting back in my car. Ok enough with excuses. I am going to keep watching you and be encouraged! Thanks :-)!!

  2. Thank you!
    I so know what you mean about hills; I did a long bike ride yesterday and about half of it was super hilly and awful. I made it up about half the hills and had to walk my bike both up and down the other half as they were too steep and windy and scary, lol.
    You can get bike racks for the backs of cars and trucks that make it easier to transport bikes; I need one. You can also get super light weight titanium frame bikes but they're so expensive; out of my price range. My friend has one though and it's lighter than my purse. Nice!