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Monday, July 17, 2017

Lost 100 Lbs, Before and after pics, 23 Weeks Post Op

I had a huge milestone last week and forgot to blog about it!  My weigh in days are on Wednesday, and last Wednesday, I was down 100.8 Lbs!  Woohoo!

I was so happy!  I told everyone and people were pleased but I was really surprised that my family didn't do something for me to help me celebrate.  I don't really need it because the weight loss itself its own reward, but I was kind of let down.

Anyway, here are some photos.  In the first, I'm covering my cleavage as this top is a size XL and is now so big on me that the shoulders fall off on both sides and the front gapes open too much if I bend over, like I am in this photo.
Me after losing 100 Lbs

Before and after (during, as I still need to lose more)
 The shot on the left, above, is from last summer.  I hated getting my photo taken and you can tell by the look on my face.  That's a piece of pizza on my plate.  I hated eating in public and always took small portions so nobody would give me dirty looks. The photo on the right  side was taken last week.

Before and After 100 Lb loss
The above photo shows my face, this past Christmas vs last week (July 2017).

So, I'm doing well.  My weight fluctuates some because I retain water, especially on humid days. I can only take a half dosage of my water pills or they make me lightheaded, but can't go off of them because of the water retention.  I'm hoping that will get better.