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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Doll size for Pink plastic canvas dollhouse

Pink Plastic Canvas dollhouse
Some ladies in my plastic canvas group are going to start on the pink dollhouse that I finished in early March,

Side view pink plastic canvas dollhouse
and they were asking me what size dolls would fit.  I made the house for my needle felted critters, but I looked for dolls to fit the house too, so I could see which ones would fit. 

Pink plastic canvas dollhouse, back view

The ceilings in the house are 7 inches high, so the regular 1:12 dollhouse dolls seem too big; at 6 inches tall, the adult heads are pretty close to the ceiling.

Kitchen, Pink plastic canvas dollhouse
I found some little dolls in my collection that work.

The lady doll is 5 inches tall, and the boy is 4 inches tall.

Living room, pink pc dollhosue
She seems to fit well; she's short enough so that her head is lower than the door frame and picture frames.

The boy fits nicely too.  It's too bad they're so rigid.
Pink plastic canvas dollhouse, nursery
I found some doll families on ebay that would be the right size, and put in a bid.

Pink pc dollhouse, bathroom
I still have to make a bed for the green bedroom; it's still very bare.
Pink PC dollhosue, green bedroom

I'm bidding on two families on Ebay, and am winning both bids so far.  There's one hour to go on the first family, and 6 hours to go on the other. If I don't win, it's OK, as I've seen these families on ebay before. They're vintage; one set is from the 1970's, dressed in that style, which I think is cool.  The others are newer, and dressed in Victorian style.

Last night I bought a 56 piece Greenfield furniture set on ebay, at a buy it now auction.  I'm really excited about that, as I like the look of the furniture, and there's enough to fill 7 rooms.  I bought the Laurel and Primrose dollhouse kits (wood), and they'll have 7 rooms to fill, so that's perfect.

I've been getting a lot of migraines, so I keep putting off stitching the bed for the green room.  Tilting my head to look down while I stitch makes the migraine worse.  I don't know why I'm getting so many lately; hopefully that will pass soon.

I'm really excited about learning how to put the dollhouse kits and furniture kits together.  This is an addicting hobby.  I have to make sure to make time for my writing, reborning, and needle felting.  Oh, and plastic canvas.  I love plastic canvas. 
I need something hot to drink; it's really cold and windy here today.  I think I'll make a nice mug of hot chocolate and go read my emails.
Take care!


  1. Oh my! How cute! Thanks for following my blog and joining my giveaway. Good luck! I'm so glad I found your cute blog today! :-) Jennifer

  2. Thank you, Jennifer!
    I'm glad I found your adorable blog, too. I figured out how to put your giveaway photo in my sidebar; woohoo!
    Take care,

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  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and joining my giveaway! Your blog is fun, wish I had time to practise my crocheting. Mini hugs from Sanne

  5. Thanks for dropping by, Sanne. Your giveaway, and your blog, look great!

  6. do you have the pattern instructions for the doll house ? I made one many years ago, but lost it in a move.

    1. Hi Martha, I'm so sorry I didn't see your post until 2 years after you posted it. I found the instructions for this dollhouse on Ebay, but if you join one of the yahoo groups for Plastic Canvas, you should be able to get it for free if you're willing to make do with the digital version.

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