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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dollhouse construction day 2 and 3

Inner house

Well I was wildly optimistic to think I could construct this dollhouse in one day.  Here's day 2, the inner house, complete.  It was saggy so I used small dowels in between the first and second stories to firm it up a bit.  Once the inner house is sewn into the outer house, it will firm up even more.

This video was supposed to appear later in this post, lol. I don't know how it arrived up here, and I don't know how to move it down; oops.
Inner and outer house, side by side

Day 3 of construction (yesterday), I sewed the outer house walls together, along with the floor.
Porch construction

Last night I added the porch roof, and the porch front and side walls.  These were awkward to sew onto the main shell of the house because the house is so big it was hard to hold and sew at the same time, yet too floppy to just leave standing on the table while I sewed.   I stopped after midnight last night.

On another subject, we had quite a snowfall last night.  We have a winter storm warning in effect today, with white out conditions.  Here's a video I took this afternoon, of the birds, eating at my deck.  They were so unafraid they let me stand right there with the door open as the landed all around me.  The bird video (above) is supposed to go here, lol.
Birds on my deck after March snowfall
Also on another topic, my reborn doll sold on ebay; woohoo!
Latest reborn, sold on ebay yesterday

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