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Monday, March 5, 2012

Pink Dollhouse, Complete!

Pink plastic canvas dollhouse

Here's the completed dollhouse, from the "My Pink Dollhouse" pattern book, by Karen McDanel, printed by the American School of Needlework in 1993.

It took me about 2 months to cut out and stitch all of the individual pieces, and 5 days to put all of the pieces together (I blogged about the steps earlier).

Interior of house

Here's the interior of the house.  I used sparkly Christmas ribbons to stitch the mirrors, and the fire in the fireplace.  Everything else was stitched with Walmart super saver yarn.  I already stitched up some of the little pieces of furniture...the crib, toilet, fridge, and couch.  The coffee table is from the dollar store, and fits in perfectly.  I still have to make the rest of the furniture...the stove, kitchen table and chairs, tub, sink, bed, easy chair, and end table.

You can't see it in this picture, but I goofed big time when assembling the inner house.  I don't know how, as I kept chanting "make sure the windows are on the outer walls" as I stitched them together.  I stayed up too late the night I put the inner house together, ended up putting the living room fireplace on the outer wall, and the window wall on the inner side.  I think it's because I kept thinking that the fireplace should have been on the outer wall, with a chimney on the side; I don't know.  It bugs me because I was aware that I might make a mistake and made it anyway, lol.  Oh well; it's still cute.  Maybe I can find a way to disguise the inner wall, and put curtains over the pictures by the fireplace so they look like windows showing an outside scene.

The Nursery

The nursery is my favorite room.  Everything is plastic canvas except for the rocking horse (Christmas ornament), crocheted dress and slippers, gift box (made from a "printie", which is just a printable picture that can be cut and folded), gift bag (another printie), and little felt duck (the size of a penny, in the gift bag). The hangers are made from paperclips.

When I made this room, I didn't have the pattern book yet, and the e-copy that I was using was very blurry. I couldn't see what was supposed to be in the frame so I put the ducks in...they were originally supposed to be magnets, lol.  I don't know why the duck necks look so long in the photo when they look OK in real life; it must be the angle of the photo.  I used sparkly ribbon for the mirror, and crochet thread for the little dress and slippers.

Living Room

The living room is my second favorite room, even though I goofed.  I just love the fireplace.  
Everything here is plastic canvas except for the coffee table (dollar store), box of cookies (printie), and plates (plastic inserts from diet coke bottle caps).

Livingroom again, showing my goof up...I reversed the inner and outer walls.
The windows should be on the outside.  Then again, fireplaces are usually
on the outside walls.  Maybe I can disguise the windows somehow, lol.

Here's a photo showing my mistake.  Now, how can I hide those windows, lol?

Kitchen, with fridge open

Here's the kitchen (with the windows on the right walls, lol).  The pattern (for all of the kitchen walls) was supposed to be like the back wall, white with little purple stars, and a purple and white border.  I hated the look of those stars (they look too spider like, lol), so I did the other two walls in purple and mauve stripes, with a matching border.  The fridge doors open and close, and there are 3 shelves for food.  I have little erasers shaped like food inside.  I found them at the dollar store and only bought one package because I wasn't sure they were the right size, but they are.  There's a little pot with a lid, a tv dinner, and two frying pans, one with bacon and eggs inside (I can't remember what's in the other one).  I have all of the pieces for the stove stitched...I just have to put it together.  Then I'll do the kitchen table and chairs.


I love the "tiles" on the bathroom walls.  The pattern is perfect for faux tiles.  The pattern also called for embroidering flowers in the white tiles, but they looked too spidery so I left them out.  I like this cleaner look.  Above the toilet, there's a cabinet with towels stitched right onto the wall.  On the opposite wall, harder to see, there is a mirror, and two towel racks, with a hand and bath towel.  I still have to make the tub (it will go under the window, and the sink (which will go under the mirror).


This is the master bedroom, with a stitched on dresser with mirror, and photos.  The plants in the photos aren't in the pattern book; the ones in the book are much nicer, but I didn't have the book yet, at this point, and was using a very blurry e-copy of the book.  After I stitched this room, a friend sent me a better e-copy of the pattern book, but I didn't want to pull out the stitches to start over so I left it as is.  I think it's cute. I was able to buy a hard copy of the pattern book recently, so if I ever do this house again, I'll be able to put the right paintings/photos in the frames, lol.

Close up of fireplace

Here's a better shot of the fireplace and outer door.  I really love this room, despite the mistake, lol.

Close up of "towel cabinet"

Here's a better shot of the inner bathroom wall.

The toilet lid can be opened or closed.

Close up of nursery

Here's another shot of the nursery.  The little felt duck in the gift bag is the smallest thing I've ever sewn.

Livingroom with doll to show scale.

This dollhouse doll came in a package with a daughter (I can't find her).  I added her to show scale, but this won't be her house.  My needle felted critters will be moving in, since they're unhappy in the Haunted Dollhouse.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Maureen!

  2. Very nice job Kat. Glad you put the doll in for size as I have not seen a plastic house before.

    1. Thank you, Tommi.

      It always amazes me that I can make things from plastic canvas sheets and yarn. I just started doing this craft last year, and I love it. I bought some inexpensive dollhouse furniture at the dollar store, and it fits perfectly, so I guess this house is in that one inch equals 1 foot scale, or close to it. I'll know more when I put my first wooden dollhouse kit together, for comparison.

  3. This is wonderful. You did a great job on it. I have the book and have been wanting to make it. Now I really want to make one and I hope I can do as well as you did.


  4. Thank you, Sandra. It's a fun pattern; I love the details on the walls. You'll do a better job than I did...I bet you won't put the windows on the inner wall, lol. Your Barbie dollhouses, troll house and camper, etc. are amazing.