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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Plastic canvas fantasy boat cradle

I wanted to make a cradle for my baby blue tufted elf, but none of the plastic canvas patterns i have seemed to suit him, so I designed this little fantasy cradle for him.

Fantasy plastic canvas boat-cradle
 I basically lay the doll next to my plastic canvas to measure the size, and cut with the scissors, freehand.
Crocheted blankie for boat cradle
 I crocheted a matching blanket for him as well.
Little mobile for fantasy cradle
 His mobile is made from an earring backing and beads.  I was lucky I had some leaf shaped beads, as they go with the leaves on the cradle so nicely.

I did the flowers and leaves in long stitch, freestyle. In my mind, this little baby is a rare blue tufted  elf, living in the Forbidden Forest near Hogwarts.
 The mother elves weave a magical tapestry around the boat cradles can drift among the pond flowers and remain hidden.
Blue tufted elf babies can drift off to dreamland in style in their little flowered boat cradles.

 I didn't write out the pattern for the boat, but I did take a photo of the pieces after I cut them out. 
Plastic canvas fantasy cradle pieces

If you decide to make it, I suggest cutting the sides and back out of stiff canvas, but use bendy canvas for the bottom (the piece that looks like a thick sharp pencil, lol).  The little piece was going to be for the rockers, but I decided to leave them off.

If you try the pattern, I'd love to see photos.

Take care!

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