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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sculpting, Doll 3, First open eyed baby fairy

Ooak art doll, baby fairy, polymer clay

 Meet blue fairy baby, my 3rd sculpt overall, and my first open eyed sculpt.  He looks a little scared in the photo and I can't say I blame him; I'd be scared too if I were thumb sized, lol.

He's not perfect; heck, my Mom even says he's ugly, but I love him.  He's my favorite sculpt so far.  He makes me smile, just looking at him :-).

 I started with a some polymer clay: living baby, and sculpey 3.  I find the sculpey three too soft but love the colors, so I mixed translucent white and red to get pink, and then mixed that with the living baby flesh color (which looks pasty to me).  The little flower fairy I did the other day (earlier blog entry) was straight living baby, and I didn't like the color.  My first baby was straight sculpy three, in translucent white and red (pink) and I absolutely loved the color but hated how soft it was.  Her tiny facial features disappeared during baking.  The living baby (I think that's what it's called) is also by sculpy but it seems to hold the details better.

Anyway, here's the head I ended up with.  Not bad for my first open eyed sculpt. I  even used tinfoil as an armature.  I gave him big waggly ears, but in retrospect, not big enough.  Nest time I want really big, droopy ears.

Sculpting an OOAK fairy baby head in polymer clay
 I didn't have any wee human glass eyes, so I used bear eyes.  Since he's an elf, I guess it works.

Limbs and head, baked and painted with blush and eyeshadow
 I sculpted his wee limbs and put loops in the ends so I could later attach them.  Both arm loops fell out and had to be replaced, but the leg loops held. 

Sleeping baby elf
 His body is once again a finger of a glove; the thumb, this time, as I wanted him to be chubbier.

Thumb sucking OOAK
 I sculpted him so he can suck the thumb on his right hand.  He looks sooo cute in this pose. 

Thumb sized body.
 He's a cute little guy.
I was going to leave him bald at yesterday, but today decided to give him a big mop of hair.  I have some pretty blue yarn, similar to eyelash yarn, but fuzzier.  It looks like wefted hair, so that's how I used it. I crocheted a wig cap out of crochet cotton thread, and sewed the wefted yarn onto the cap.
Ooak art doll
I love his blue hair, but he looks scared, lol, poor tyke.

Ooak polymer baby elf
Here he is, reclining on his blankie (a baby washcloth), with a pillow of green wool batting.  I put this screensaver up for backgroumd, and it seems to suit him perfectly.  He still looks scared though, so I decided to give him a gift.
Here he is, investigating the box.

He's taking his time opening it.  What a polite baby eff boy ;-0.

Ooak polymer art doll with needle felted bear tody
Oh look!  A teddy was in the box.

He seems to love his new friend. 

We'll leave him to rest now, on his woodsy front yard, just outside his tree stump home.

Goodnight baby; we'll need to think of a great name for you.


  1. I agree with you...he is adorable! I will say I like him better bald though. Fantastic for a first try!!!

  2. Thank you so much! I like him better bald too, but it took so long to make that wig I was determined to use it, lol.

    Some of my sculpting tools came in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to try them!