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Thursday, August 4, 2016

An Evening Stroll with little Benji

We have been having a heat wave for the past 2 weeks, making it difficult to walk or bike or do much of anything until the hour before sunset.  Today it was 105 F with the humidex, something we are NOT used to her in Northern Ontario, Canada.  I had to wait until after the sun went down to go for a walk, and it was still 100 F with the humidex (humidity).

 As the last bit of color started to fade from the sky, we set out.  Benji likes his stroller, but unlike Mac, who lay down and relaxed during his strolls, Benji paces from window to window, looking out.  I'm not sure how much he can see as the poor guy has glaucoma in is left eye and his right eye has cataracts.
Benji in the stroller
 My asthma was bad so we couldn't go far, just for a short half hour jaunt.
 The sky was beautiful, and my camera took some amazing night shots (making it look much brighter in the photos than it actually was.  It was dark out.).
St. Joseph's school (closed down ages ago)
 The photo above shows the remains of my old elementary school, St. Joseph's.
 For some reason, I really like the looks of the old house in the above photo, especially at night.
 This poor dog is ALWAYS outside on a leash, no matter when I walk, bike, or drive by, day or night.  He was very friendly to me, wagging his tail and giving kisses, but when he noticed I had a dog in my stroller instead of a kid, went mad with barking (just like Mac used to).  His owner came out to yell at him but did not let him in.  I'm sure the dog must go inside and it must be a coincidence that he is just out when I go by, because he looks well cared for, and well groomed.
 This is the Bank of Montreal, where I opened my first account at the age of 5.

I lived on the top floor of the house above until I was almost 5.  Then we moved one whole block away, lol.
 The night sky was just gorgeous tonight.
 I love these flowers; I think they are called Mallow.
 I also love the look of the big house on the corner in the photo above.  The church down the street is all lit up.

 I liked the way the trees leaned over the sidewalk here. 
The bus photo, below, didn't turn out, but I love the way it looks anyway; sort of like it's under water, or in a dream.
And there's my house.  My parents house, where I"m currently living until I can get my own place again.

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