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Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Gear for my Bike: Pannier, Waterproof Pannier Cover, and Rearview Mirror for Glasse

So excited that I found inexpensive waterproof pannier covers for the new panniers I ordered from Ebay last week.
Pannier cover
 Hopefully they won't be so cheap that they'll rip right away.  If they are, at least buying them will give me a chance to figure out the pattern so I can make my own set.  It basically looks like big pieces of waterpoof material with elastic, or maybe a pull tie.  I ordered them from this seller on ebay.
Panniers I bought on ebay.
 I plan to use them to cover the panniers I purchased, as seen in the photo above.  Both items are coming from China so will not get here for a month. It's August 25th now, so they should be in by the end of September.  The people who sold the pannier cover sent me an email saying they were shipped yesterday, and if they don't arrive by the 29th of September to contact them.
Take a Look Mirror
 I also ordered the Take a Look Mirror from Ebay.
It was located in the USA and arrived very quickly, within days of ordering.  I tried the mirror out for the first time on Bike Ride 14, a few days ago, and it works very well but takes some getting used to.  I wondered if people would react to it when they saw me wearing it, but the only people who gave me a hard time about them were my parents.  I don't care how they look to others; I only care about road safety.  Now I have a better view of what's coming up behind me, and that means a lot to me.  I think these are brilliant; so much better than the rear view mirror on my bike, which just gives me a view of myself, lol.

I found this Hilda cartoon online and cracked up, as that could be me and Benji and my bike...except I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini, lol.  Also, my hair does have red highlights, but is more brown than red, lol.

I'm not feeling great today.  I feel achy all over and have been wheezing all night and morning, despite my ventolin. Normally when I feel like this, it means I'm coming down with the flu.  I sure hope not.  I had hoped to go for  another bike ride today but I'm not sure I'll be able to. I'll see how I feel later.  I can always try to ride, just in the neighborhood, and if I don't feel well, just turn around and come home.  I had planned on going to Fort Creek but my Dad says it's very hilly and there's no way I could walk hills today, let alone bike them.

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