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Monday, August 8, 2016

Bike Ride 10, A Sunset Ride

I wasn't planning on riding my bike yesterday because I had biked for 4 hours (including lots of rests) the day before, but when sunset approached the weather cooled off enough that I hopped on my bike again.

I went to Brookfield Creek again, taking quiet side streets and hidden paths over bridges.  I think it's my favorite route so far because it's so quiet and follows such pretty country-like routes for much of the route.  I did 4.55 miles / 7.33 km, and enjoyed it but was still sore from the day before, and my capris weren't right for the ride; they didn't have enough give in the material and felt too tight when my legs came up on the pedals.  Despite that, I enjoyed myself, and learned that my bike lights and reflectors work so good that they are seen way before me and the bike are (according to an elderly man who stopped to watch the lights approach, then told me, lol).

I was so tired that I didn't blog when I got home last night, so did it today.  Here are some photos:
My route

Pretty blue flower

St. Francis School

Pretty view with dust orb
 This is the creek at the corner of Brookfield and Second Line.  Unfortunately, there was a dust orb in this shot.  I cropped the photo to show it better; do you see a face inside, lol? It kind of looks like a little white dog.
Dust orb with face inside

 I watched the sunset and the crescent moon rise.
 It wasn't an amazing sunset; it didn't light up the sky; just gave it a glow.  The sun was already down in the shot above.
Pretty woodlot and field

 I love this portion of the ride.  I hope that land never sells; it will be awful if they build on such pretty land.

 I love Queen Anne's Lace; it's so delicate and feathery.
 The camera flash made the photos appear brighter than they really were.  I needed my lights and reflectors on at this point.

 Pretty silhouette.
 It was quite dark as I pedalled the last few blocks home.
 Home safely.  After I put my bike in the garage and switched off the lights, I could barely see in the sudden darkness.  The lights really do give off a good amount of illumination.
Now that I know my lights are bright enough to be seen way before even I can be seen, I feel a lot more confident about riding near sunset, and less afraid of being caught when the sun goes down.  I won't purposefully ride at night, but it's nice to know I will be safe if I'm caught out after dark.

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