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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bunny outfits, girl or boy?

Needle felted bunny with hand made dress (crocheted bodice, ribbon and crinoline skirt)
 Bunny was looking naked so I made some clothes for him/her.  I've always wanted to try to combine sewing and crochet but hate hand sewing and strongly dislike thread crochet so put it off until I decided to bite the bullet for an entree for my Hogwarts at Ravelry group (we were asked to crochet something that causes us pain...they didn't say it couldn't be a pain in the butt, lol). Anyway, I did this dress as part of the challenge, and I think the bunny looks adorable in it.  Thing is, I kept seeing bunny as a boy as I was making him.

Yesterday I decided to do the pattern again, except
this time, I'd do the entire pattern, not just the
first bit, and I ended up with this cute outfit.                                                                          
Needle felted bunny in crocheted boy outfit

needle felted bunny as boy
                                                                                    Both outfits are cute but I think I like the  little boy outfit the best, even though I generally gravitate more toward frilly things.  My friend Christine suggested that I should make another bunny so I can have both, so I think I'll take her up on it. First I have to give my poor hands a rest.  Between modelling, needle sculpting, crochet, and typing, they get quite sore, especially when I'm retaining water. 

I think I like needle felted bunny as a boy best.  His jointed limbs make posing him easy.

The pattern for the dress bodice and boy outfit can be found at epatterns.com. It's in the book,
Itsy Bitsy Babies and their Bassinet Purses

wool batting
 My friend bought this pretty Corriedale fibre and blue silk and decided she didn't want to do the project she bought it for, so she's selling it to me.  Isn't it pretty?  I especially love the blue silk; it will make pretty doll hair for my crocheted or needle felted critters, I think.

She also told me about a new wool shop in town, that not only sells wool and felting supplies, it also doubles as a coffee shop! Woohoo!  I can't wait to see it!

I've been thinking of dying some of my core batt using kool-aide and the microwave.  I'd have to do it in the basement though, which means bringing my microwave in from storage (in the garage), because my Mom would have fits if I stained her pretty kitchen counters.  Maybe I should just buy some orange and flesh batting (the two colors I really want.)

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