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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tiny dress for little bunny

Needle felted bunny ad carrot, crocheted radish, crocheted and sewn dress, needle felted napkin holder
I made this dress for my bunny today.  I hate crocheting with thread because my eyesight is such that I see things better at a distance and I have to hold the tiny hook and thread so far away that my arms get sore in order to see what I'm doing, lol.  Time for bifocals, I guess :-).
Needle felted bunny with crocheted carrot
 This outfit started out as a little tank top with shorts for a boy bunny but after doing that one row, I decided to sew it on to some ribbon and lace to make a dress.  I've never done that before but have always wanted to try, and I'm pleased with my first attempt.  I probably could have just used the first, short layer of lace to make a "younger" look, but I wanted to see how this would turn out.  I was thinking of crocheting a little hair band, bow, or flower, but wonder if it would be too much considering the large ears?
Needle felted bunny
Needle felted bunny in a teacup
 Here's bunny in a teacup, to show scale.  She's rather small; about the size of a Mommy dollhouse sized doll. I wanted her to be a baby bunny, so she's too big for dollhouse size, but perfect for Barbie size.  I have some plastic canvas Barbie furniture patterns; maybe I'll make a little cradle for her.  Either that or I was thinking I could crochet one bootie and she could use that as a bed.
Needle felted bunny in teacup

She's small enough that I had to line the cup with a handful of wool batting so she wouldn't disappear inside, lol.

I ordered a tutorial for sculpting mini babies out of polymer clay and am disappointed with the tutorial. It's not a real tutorial; more photos showing how someone sculpts their dolls.  That's the trouble with buying online tutorials; there's no way to know the person's writing style before hand.  The lady is a great sculptor and her babies are beautiful, but she's not a good teacher, and she didn't really explain how to sculpt.  I guess it's a good starting off point though.  I also ordered a tutorial for making Little Mo dolls, and that one was wonderful; very detailed and instructive.  I really want to learn how to sculpt; I got a taste for it when I did that little baby mandrake, and the wands, etc., for my Hagrid's Hut.

I used to have a cute tutorial for sculpting a baby fairy but have no idea where it is.  I should have saved it to mediafire.  I wonder if it's on my external harddrive?  I'll have to check.

Well, that's it for today.  Thanks for checking in.  Take care!

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