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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Crochet, 2 dragons and an evil wizard (bwahahah)

Little bendy crocheted dragon
 I love crocheting critters, and don't usually buy patterns but when I saw this poseable  dragon on Ravelry, I couldn't resist.  I highly recommend the pattern. This little guy can be posed in so many ways, and his tail helps with balance.
Little bendy dragon
 His wings can be open or closed, his head can be up or down or tilted, and his tail can be curled up like a dog or left down like a lizard.  I'd love to try this pattern again with variegated yarn for the body and shimmery yarn for the wings.                                                                      
Poseable crocheted dragon
cute little dragon ami
 This green little dragon has been in my project queue for ages.  It's a free pattern, written more like a tutorial than a plain old pattern, and it's very detailed and easy to follow. Click on the highlighted words if you want to check it out.
little crocheted dragon

Greyback ami
 I did all of these projects as entrees for my Hogwarts at Ravelry group.  The little fellow weilding my darning needle as a wand is supposed to be Greyback from Harry potter, complete with hairy chest, lol. He's an adaptation of the 11th Doctor Who pattern on Ravelry...another cute free pattern. changed the hair, added a beard, and some chest hair, but otherwise followed the pattern.  It's a cute pattern.
crocheted dragon and doll amigurumi
The green dragon is the biggest of the lot; the mini dragon and Greyback fit in my palm. 
My birds love the green dragon. 
Well, that's it for now; Have a great day!

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