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Monday, April 23, 2012

A bit of happiness in a bad day

My dog, Mac had a setback this weekend, and then a bigger one today.
He had a lump on his back that was benign, but it burst open.  It was so gross.  It looked painful too.  I kept it clean until I could bring him to the vet today.
Yesterday my Dad dropped by to bring some saline solution and sterile gauze for cleaning Mac's wound.  When I went to meet my Dad at the door, I heard Mac in his crate, barking madly.  He must have pawed at the crate or something, because even though I was only gone for a few minutes, when I came back he was holding his left paw up like it hurt.
He went out for his potty break OK yesterday and this morning, and seemed OK, but then at noon he fell over and yelped loudly.  He could not get up on his own.  I lifted him up and he bolted up the ramp and ran back to his crate.  He seemed to be in pain.  I felt so awful.  Thankfully my Dad was on his way over to bring us to the vet (I can't lift him into the truck by myself).  A very kind lady in one of my yahoo groups sent Mac a special halter that was owned by her dog before he passed.  It's got handles to help lift the dog up, so it takes some weight off his feet so he can walk easier.  It was a Godsend today.  I was able to get the front part on by myself, but my Dad had to hold Mac up for me so I could get the back part on.
We went to the vet and he cleaned Mac's burst cyst and said I did a good job keeping it clean and that the outside is not infected, but it also burst on the inside, where I can't see it, and that is infected.  So he gave Mac a strong antibiotic.  I also asked for a pain killer so he gave Mac Tramadol.  He also prescribed eye drops to help clear up Mac's eye infection.
I'm going to have to bring Mac to Guelph, to the veterinary hospital, so he can get an MRI and possibly surgery.
At this point, the vet thinks Mac has IVDD, but doesn't know for sure because we don't have MRI's here in town.
My Dad is going to drive us, and my Mom is angry about that.  She'd just put Mac down, but there is  no way I"m doing that when Mac has a chance to get better.  He has a disease...maybe, and we'll deal with it.
I'm going to have to sell my house and buy a cheaper one so my money will last longer.    
Before Mac fell, when I just thought we had to deal with his burst cyst, I checked the mail and was happy to see a package had arrived.  
Parcel with ebay winnings

I knew it just had to contain the little tea set I won on ebay.
Parcel with ebay winnings

I took my time opening it, savoring that "ooh I've got a gift!" feeling.
It was packed nicely.
Mini tea set I won on ebay
I was delighted with it!  It reminded me so much of a childhood tea
set I had once.  Mine was a pearly pink, and this is white with flowers, but it gave me that same sense of delight.  I don't know what it is about miniatures, but they're just so darn cute!
I am really happy with this purchase.  I won the set for only $4.50, plus $1.50 shipping.  I wanted to order more but figured I should wait to see what this was like first.  Tomorrow I'll take some photos with some of the items in my plastic canvas dollhouse.  

I really enjoyed opening this, and seeing the cute items, and am glad that I had a chance to have some innocent delight in something small like this before my stress levels went back through the roof.

Well, Mac just woke up.  I have to try to take him out to pee, by myself.  I hope I can support him OK.

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