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Monday, April 2, 2012

Mac is home

I haven't been blogging for awhile because I've been worried sick about my dog, Mac.  On Friday he got overly excited when my friend came to visit.  He jumped up and down and reinjured himself.  He ran to greet Laurie and fell flat at her feet, and couldn't get up again.  We were so afraid.  I called the vet, and we had to wait for him to return to the office.  Then we had to wait until 4:30 to bring him in.  We were frantic.  Poor Mac couldn't get up.  He tried, but we made him stay down; we were afraid he'd make things worse.
The vet put Mac on an IV and gave him a different steroid than the prednisone he'd been taking for the past month.  Mac spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at the vet, and was finally able to come home today.
He's able to walk again, but he's very wobbly and his back end seems crooked and week.  I also noticed he's holding his front paws weirdly.
I love this dog so much; I'm praying so hard that he'll get better.  All of my friends are praying too.  I hate to see him like this.
I have to crate him, except for when he goes out to pee.  I let him out when we got home from the vet, then crated him til 8PM.  Then he had a bathroom break, then back in the crate until 11.  Now he's back in the crate, sleeping.
I pray that Mac will be OK; he has to be.
Ben cried all night because he was jealous; he wanted to be in the crate, too, but there's no room.  I had to go get a box, set it on it's side, and put a pillow on the bottom, so Ben could have a faux crate of his own.  Here's a photo:
Mac home from the vet, and Ben, jealous of the crate, in the faux crate I had to make him to get him to stop whining. 

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