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Monday, April 9, 2012

Miniature dollhouse dolls

Vintage Dollhouse doll sets I won on Ebay
The dolls I won on Ebay came in last week, but I didn't have a chance to open them, what with Mac being sick.  I finally got to open the box, and found these two boxes inside.

Vintage doll sets from Ebay
The set on the left is the Grandma, Grandpa, and baby.  The set on the right is the Mom, Dad, brother, and sister.  They were made in Taiwan, in the 80's, and it says they are 1 to 1 scale, but they are smaller than the modern dollhouse dolls that are in 1 to 1 scale.  I wonder if sizes have changed since the 80's?

Here they are, out of the box...a family of 7.  They're really cute, but the baby seems more like a doll for the sister than a baby for the family.  I think the head is too small.  Babies have bigger heads, lol.
Dollhouse dolls in my plastic canvas dollhouse

I bought these dolls because the smaller size makes them perfect for my pink plastic canvas dollhouse.   Modern dollhouse families are taller; the Dad's are about 6 inches tall.  The Dad here is 5.5  inches tall.

That half inch really makes a difference with my plastic canvas dollhouse. The ceilings are 7 inches high, and the extra half inch gives the dolls more headroom.

They look cute in the house anyway. My poor needle felted critters were supposed to get this house, but they're just a tad too big for the furniture.

Speaking of furniture, I finally made the bed for the green bedroom.

Plastic canvas bed, cradle in master bedroom, with Granny doll.
It's perfect for the Grandma doll, I think.  The cradle isn't a part of this pattern book, but I think it looks cute in this room.  The area rug is also from Ebay.  I won 5 beautiful  little area rugs for 10 dollars, with free shipping. Can't beat that!
Plastic canvas highchair and crib in nursery, with baby and
 Mom dolls.

I made a highchair from another pattern book, to put in the nursery.  It's so cute!  I love these little pieces of furniture.  They are so much fun to stitch, and then put together.  They work up fast, too, unlike the dollhouse, which seemed to take forever, lol.

I had fun placing the dolls in the dollhouse.
Gramps is washing up in the bathroom.

Dad is in the kitchen, looking in the fridge, even though dinner is cooking on the stove, lol...just like a real Dad.

The kids are playing with their toys in the attic.

Mom is tending to a polymer bundle baby in the crib while the baby in the highchair calls for attention.  Granny tends to the other baby in the cradle.

The pattern for "My Pink Dollhouse" calls for two more pieces of furniture for the livingroom...a lamp and a chair to match the couch.  I didn't make them yet, and am not sure if I will, because I don't see how they will fit; it's pretty crowded in there.  Of course, the coffee table isn't part of the pattern, but it looks so good there that I hate to take it out.

I really love stitching plastic canvas.  I'm so pleased with the way the dollhouse turned out...especially the furniture.  The little vintage dolls make it perfect.

Plastic canvas dollhouse with vintage dollhouse dolls.
I've been watching a "Third Rock from the Sun" marathon. It's so funny...about an alien family that came to earth and they're trying to pass as humans. It's an older show, from the 80's or 90's.  It must be retro day, lol.    I'm watching a sitcom from the 80's while adding vintage dolls from the 80's to a plastic canvas dollhouse that I made from a pattern published in the 80's.    Maybe I should go poof my hair, lol.

I sure wish I knew how to add photos in the proper order.  For some reason, this photo of the full house inserted itself after the nursery photo, when it should have been last.  I added it last, I don't know why it put itself here, lol.

Well, I had fun with this dollhouse pattern.  If anyone has the "My Pink Dollhouse" pattern, I highly recommend it.  The house is cute, and the furniture is just adorable.  It can be found on Ebay sometimes.     It's well worth the time it takes to make, and it would make a great gift.                                                   
Grandpa washing up in plastic canvas dollhouse si
Miniature kids playing in plastic canvas dollhouse attic
Here's mini Dad in the kitchen, looking in the plastic canvas dollhouse fridge.


  1. I love the house, the dolls, everything! I had these dolls when I was younger in my tin dollhouse along with the Smaller Homes and Gardens doll family.

  2. Thank you, Jocelyn! I never had a dollhouse as a child, but my best friend had one of those tin houses and we loved playing with it.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog; I really appreciate it.

  3. Do you by chance have the pattern that could maybe be emailed? For the pink doll house I mean. I have been looking everywhere for it and on the sites that do have it its $50+ which is robbery :0) I'm willing to pay for it. My email is smileonceaday@hotmail.com and I thank you in advance if you can :)