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Monday, April 9, 2012

Reborn doll in progress

Reborn Teagan sculpt in progress
This is the last of the triplets; Teagan.  I've been working on her/him for the past few days.  I want to give her a mottled newborn look.  I put some scratches on her knee; hopefully they look realistic.
Reborn doll in progress

I still have to do the eyebrows, finger and toenails.  I'm not sure if I should add more blues or purples, or even more blush.

reborn doll
I really like the shape of this doll's head; I think I may leave her bald.  I love bald babies, and I haven't made one yet.

Mac, sleeping in his crate and recuperating
I've been doing all of my crafts in the living room, next to Mac's crate because he doesn't like it when I leave the room for more than a few minutes.  I'm using the coffee table, and two TV tables to hold supplies.  I don't have a lap desk, so I'm using the top of my hamper as one, lol.  It sure makes things interesting (and messy!), but it keeps Mac happy, which is important while he heals.

He seems to be doing better today.  It's a gorgeous, sunny day, so we sat on the deck for awhile after his last potty break.  He was ready to go back in his crate after that though.  He's being so good about it.  Ben is still jealous and wants in the big crate too.  He goes in his fake (cardboard) crate at night.

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