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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Many mini babies and lots of plastic canvas furniture

Plastic canvas furniture and mini bundle babies
I made up a bunch of these bundled babies...they're little head sculpts wrapped in wee felt blankets.  I like that the felt looks like fleece!  I have another baby buggy made, but it wouldn't fit in the photo.  
I've been planning a plastic canvas daycare...a simple two room roombox sort of thing.  I have the door finished, and I've narrowed the "wallpaper" pattern down.  I even found some little magnet patterns that will make cute wall hangings.
plastic canvas mini baby furniture
The little play pen is my own design.  I may make it more rectangular next time I make it.
The drawers on the chest of drawers open, and will hold things.  The mirror part was supposed to be made from flexible mirror but I couldn't find any and had to use tinfoil.  I'm going to see if I can find some thicker foil paper for next time. I haven't been able to leave the house in a few weeks because my dog is injured and he freaks out when I leave him.  I don't want him to reinjure himself, so I need to stay close by.  I miss shopping!
plastic canvas mini baby stuff
A few of my mini bundled babies didn't come out as nice as the others.  They're still cute, but not perfect.  I was thinking of giving them away, but maybe they're not nice enough to give away?  

I finished painting the latest reborn doll I've been working on.  I want to leave him bald but I'm tempted to root...I'm going to wait before I put the doll together, until I can decide.  

Poor Mac has a benign lump on his back and it exploded yesterday.  I've been cleaning it and disinfecting it and keeping it clean.  My Mom sent my Dad over with a lot of stuff that she had from when she was battling throat cancer.  It's stuff she used to clean the incision for her feeding tube.  It's a sort of saline solution, and it comes in little bottles. It's to prevent infection, so I've been using that for Mac too.  I've also been adding neosporin and gauze, and taping the gauze on. I had to use rug tape because nothing else would stick to his fur.  I shaved the hair around his lump, and I use gauze bigger than that area so the tape is nowhere near his wound.  I'm going to call the vet first thing in the morning.  Meanwhile, please pray that Mac will be OK.  He's already been through so much, and now this.  Thank God I have my parents to help out with groceries because I can't leave the house, and thank God I have crafts to distract me because I've been so stressed out.  I hope and pray that he'll be OK.  


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  2. I hope you and Mac are doing better you done a beautiful job and I love those babies