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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crocheted Ron Weasley and Sweater

Crocheted Ron Weasley
Hello!  To continue with my Harry Potter theme, here's Ron Weasley, with removable Weasley letter sweater.

Crocheted Weasley sweater
I love the colors in Ron's little sweater; they seem so Weasley-ish, lol.

Crocheted Ron Weasley and Sweater
Ron himself is tiny, but a bit taller than my Harry Potter doll.  He's about 5.5 inches tall.

Ron Weasley
Ron has bendable arms and legs because I stuffed them with pipecleaners (cut in half, folded over, and twisted so they're more durable).

 I gave him lots of freckles, but only the larger ones show up.  He has glass eyes, and his hair was embroidered using two different shades of yellow and orange.  His little nose, ears, and mouth were embroidered as well.

Ron having pumpkin juice
Here's Ron relaxing, enjoying a tiny bottle of pumpkin juice that i sculpted out of polymer clay.

Crocheted Ron Weasley and Harry Potter
Ron and Harry are relaxing in front of Hagrid's Hut, waiting for the half giant to come home.

Harry having pumpkin juice
Here's Harry with his pumpkin juice.

Hot Butter Beer
I decided to try making hot butter beer.  I know most of the recipes use cream soda, but in my mind, butter beer is hot and creamy, like hot chocolate, only tasting like butter tart filling.  So I put some brown sugar and becel in a pan and cooked it until it was carmelized, then added milk and vanilla and heated that as well.  The result...absolutely yummy.  It was soooo good I wanted more today, but was out of brown sugar, so I tried it again using white sugar and a spoon of molasses in order to simulate brown sugar.  I added a spoon of low cal becel, vanilla, cooked it up, and yummy again, lol. It's too fattening to drink very often, even with the low fat becel, lol, so it will be saved for special occasions only.

Hagrid, Harry, and Ron
Here's Harry and his pals, ready for adventure.

Ron looks like he's ready for Hallowe'en, lol.

Harry and Ron 


Ron resting

Harry and Ron playying
.I had fun with this project, and the boys look like they're having fun too. Maybe too much fun.  I"d better stitch up Hermione soon so they can get some school work done ;-).
Take care!