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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Crocheted Slytherin Locket

Crocheted Slytherin Locket
I joined a group on Ravelry called "Hogwarts At Ravelry", and was sorted in to Slytherin, lololol.  I actually had an emotional reaction when my owl arrived to tell me I was a snake!  I relate to Gryffindor so much that it was a weird feeling to be put into Slytherin at first.  I mean, I'm the good guy, right, lol?

I had my facebook friends laughing when I posted that I'd have to practice my evil laughter now, "bwa ha ha", lol.

Crocheted Slytherin Locket
The Hogwarts at Ravelry group has lots of projects going on; different challenges, stories, etc.  Most don't start up again until tomorrow because it's break week at Hogwarts :-), but I found one challenge I could join right away...the hunt for Horcruxes.  I had to send an owl to the headmistress to ask permission first, and she gave it right away.  Since I'm a new Slytherin, I decided to hunt for (create) the Slytherin Locket as my first project.
Crocheting a horcrux
I found a pattern online Ravelry but I modified it quite a bit.  I wanted to make a teardrop shape, and I also wanted to make dark ring inside the gold, like the  line some people have around their iris.  I also wanted the green S to really show up, so I used coated elastic instead of embroidery floss.  I guess I basically made up this  pattern myself, in the end.

Close up of crocheted Slytherin Locket
It wasn't easy embroidering with coated elastic, lol.  I had to pull some of the elastic out first in order to thread it, even using my biggest embroidery needle.  I'm pleased with the snaky look of it though.

Crocheted slytherin locket
Thread and yarns used in crocheting Slytherin locket
I don't know the name of the yarn I used for the chain and for the dark ring in the locket, so I took a photo...it's the line on the left.  It's very pretty, and would make a nice chain even without being crocheted.  I did the chain in single crochet.  I also used some gold thread to crochet a clasp onto the chain.  I may do this again, using gold covered elastic as the chain next time.  I think that would sit nicer as it's a lot heavier.

It was a fun project, and making the locket was only half of the challenge...I also had to write a story explaining how I found the Horcrux.  I don't know if you have to be a group member to read the story or not, but here's a link, in case you want to join.  The group is a lot of fun, and the other members seem nice.
My story is here:

I'm going to go paint a polymer clay cat now :-).  Have a nice day!

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