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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sculpting a miniature polymer clay cat

Miniature polymer clay dollhouse cat with flocking
I am learning how to sculpt in polymer clay.  This is my first polymer clay cat. I'm really pleased with the way she came out, except for the nose and mouth...I really need a magnifying glass in order to do the tiny details.  Tomorrow I'll touch it up, but for today, here she is, resting on a plastic canvas bed with crocheted pillow and afghan, in a plastic canvas dollhouse.  The house is not quite dollhouse scale so the cat seems big, but I wanted her to fit nicely with modern dollhouse dolls so I made her that size.
Sculpting a cat
Here she is when I first started.  Not very pretty yet, lol.

Painting sculpted cat
I painted her yellow and white but she looked too cartoony, so I decided to try flocking. Of course, I don't actually have flocking, so I had to make some. I simply grabbed some  yarn, wool batting, and scissors, and cut away until I had tiny fibres.  Then I used white glue and a toothpick to glue it on.

Dollhouse cat, handmade with polymer clay
Here she is with her flocking; much  nicer, I think, than with plain paint.  I used white, cream, and two shades of yellow.  The eyes, nose, and mouth are painted.  She's just the right size for these modern dollhouse dolls.

Hand sculpted polymer cat in plastic canvas dollhouse
Here she is under the covers, hiding from the dog, lol.

Hand sculpted mini polymer clay cat with flocking
I took this photo with the quarter to show scale, in case people aren't familiar with the little dolls. This cat is very tiny.

My dog Mac with mini polymer clay cat, lol
My dog, Mac fell in love with the cat and watched avidly while i made her, so I put the cat down so he could get a closer look.  He's such a big, gentle guy.  He was fine with the cat on his paw and back, lol.  He's always been very gentle with his stuffed toys.  I hope he doesn't think this cat is for him though, lol.

Mac and clay cat

Polymer clay cat resting on standard poodle, lol
I posted some photos of the baby mandrake and cat on facebook, and was asked how much I'd charge to sculpt the Grinch.  I wrote back saying I didn't know if I could do it or not, but I'd try, and the lady asked me to also try the Grinch's dog and Cindy Lou Who.  I'll try the Grinch tomorrow.

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