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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sculpting Grinchy Christmas Ornaments

Polymer clay Grinch, Max, and Cindy Lou Who in plastic canvas dollhouse
The other day I made my first baby mandrake in polymer clay. I had so much fun I followed up with a tiny polymer cat, dollhouse size.  I posted them on facebook and was asked if I could do the Grinch and his friends.  I didn't know if I could or not, so said I would try, and this is what I came up with.

Sculpting and painting the Grinch who stole Christmas
 I did the Grinch first.  He's the biggest sculpt, at  inches tall.  I used flesh colored clay and had to paint the parts.  The white paint didn't want to cover for some reason.  Painting the tiny features was a pain, but I like the way he came out; his face is so expressive.
Sculpting Max, the Grinch's dog
I decided to try to use colored clay next, to do Max, the Grinch's dog.  Here's the head and body shapes, ready for the oven (above).

Teeny tiny Cindy Lou Who in polymer
I used flesh polymer clay for Cindy Lou's face, but used colored clay for the rest of her.  She is VERY tiny...most of her height is hair, lol.

Polymer clay Grinch and Cindy Lou wWho
Here's Cindy Lou and the Grinch next to a Canadian Quarter, and a sewing ruler.

Grinch and Cindy Lou in Polymer Clay
I'm happy with Cindy Lou's little face; I gave her a snub nose and a shy grin.

Christmas decorations, Grinch style, in polymer clay
Max was the hardest to sculpt, because of all of the tiny pieces.  His ears fell off. His legs fell off.  His antlers fell off.  Sheesh!  I had to use liquid sculpey to get everything to stick together, but even then, his antlers were a problem. I eventually made the thicker antlers that you see in the photo.  Poor doggy looks like he has a tree trunk on his head, lol.

Cindy Lou and the Grinch 
Here's Cindy Lou and the Grinch by the fireplace in the pink plastic canvas dollhouse.  The dollhouse is way too big for them, but I couldn't resist.

Max the dog with fake antlers

Grinch, Max, and Cindy Lou in polymer clay

Polymer Clay Grinch and friends

Polymer clay Grinch, Max, and Cindy Lou Who

Polymer clay Christmas ornaments in plastic canvas dollhouse
I'm having a lot of fun with polymer clay, but am not thrilled about painting the eyes.  I'm happy with the Grinch and Cindy Lou but think Max needs to be repainted so his eyes are more expressive and soulful.  These eyes just don't do it for me.  I hate to retouch him though, as my paintbrushes, even the smallest ones, seem absolutely huge next to these guys. I had to use the end of a toothpick to do the pupils.


  1. Great job! Just in time for Christmas.

  2. Thank you! The lady who asked me to try making them doesn't like the Grinch, so I think I'll keep them myself, or give them as Christmas gifts.