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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Harry Potter miniatures in polymer and Harry Potter crochet

Harry Potter miniatures in polymer clay
My obsession with all things Harry Potter continues, lol.  I sculpted these miniatures out of polymer clay.  The snitch feathers are bits of down from my Cockatiel, Noel...he was happy to share :-).  I used colored clay for the snitch...yellow and gold, marbled together. It's so tiny it's hard to get a photo to show the details.  The sorting hat was made by mixing bits of gold, yellow, green, and red clay.  I dry brushed brown over it to give it a worn look, and am happy with the way he came out.  The wand was super easy to do, using gold and bone colors.
Plastic canvas fireplace with polymer clay snitch, wand, and bear on mantle
I put the snitch and wand on the mantle.  There's a tiny bear in the centre; but he's so dark it's hard to see against the brown background.

Polymer clay wand, baby mandrake, sorting hat, and snitch
 Here are all of the polymer clay HP minis I've made so far.
Crocheted Harry Potter with Needle felted Hagrid in Plastic canvas Hut with polymer clay items
I searched high and lo for a pattern for a Harry Potter doll small enough to fit into the plastic canvas dollhouse, but in the end, had to make him up myself.  He's a bit taller than 5 inches, when standing on his toes, lol.

Crocheted Harry Potter
I made Harry's arms and legs flexible so he can pose and hold things.  Here he is with his wand.

Crocheted Harry Potter in plastic canvas Hagrid's hut with Needle felted Hagrid

Harry and Hagrid

Harry and the Sorting Hat

Crocheted Harry Potter

Polymer Clay sorting hat with sparkling magic potion

Potions in plastic canvas cupboard

Crocheted Harry Potter ami with polymer clay snitch and wand
I had a lot of fun with this project.  I love this photo (above) of Harry with his wand and golden snitch.  I plan to make little Ron and Hermione next.

Harry Potter and snitch, crochet and clay

Harry Potter crocheted doll

Harry Potter and Hagrid
Bye for now!

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