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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Patio Table

I made this simple patio table using circles on the top and bottom, cut out of a cereal box, glued together to make them sturdier and thicker.  The long part holding the table up is an empty spool of thread.  I glued it together, painted it, and added a matte sealer because I wanted it to look like wood.
The umbrella is a cocktail umbrella, and I am probably going to try to make the top part bigger.

Miniature patio table
Here's the cake stand in the cake display case. I also made a few more smaller cake stands, like the red one on the top of the display case.  I bought the silver platter at Micheals, and the pink tray is a metallic button. 

I think it's starting to look nice.  I can't wait to try some polymer clay cakes, donuts, cupcakes, and cookies!

Sadie is happy with our progress on our first dollhouse shop.  Rufus is still wondering where the treats are, lol.  I'm thinking I should have made a patio that goes all the way around, instead of just on two sides.  I like the look of the patio table where I have it, on the green place mat here.

 Here's a shot with my hand across the table from Sadie's hand.  She was wondering when we could start on the desserts and I was showing her how hard it is to work so tiny when I have such big hands, lol. 
Sadie and Rufus and I are sleepy; time to say goodnight! 

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