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Friday, March 25, 2016

Miniature Bakery Shop in progress

I am having so much fun with this little foamboard dollhouse shop.  I added some real wallpaper as roofing.  I didn't cut it into strips to look like shingles because I think the pattern already looks roof like enough, sort of thatched. 
Back of mini shop.
 I love the little chalkboard sticker.  I used watercolor paint to write on it and it looks chalky; woohoo.  I want to make either a little bench or patio table for the back patio.  I also want to make some potted plants, and a sign for the wall.
Little min shop entrance
 I used stir sticks for the wood features, and card stock for the door frame.  I'm not sure if I should add more stir sticks to the front and back of the roof or not. The patio stones are shelf liner, not paper, but a sort of vinyl-like fabric that comes in a roll. 
Mini shop interior.
 I printed out some floor tile and am happy with it.  I used a matte sealer on it but should probably have used gloss.  I love the way the little doll is looking through the window, lol.
Side of mini shop

Mini window
 I love the mini window.  I wish I could get my finger prints off it, lol.

Little doll hard at work, lol.
The little doll is telling me we need to build a counter, shelves, a display, and a table and chair set.  Yikes, lol.  My week of freedom ends tonight so I won't be able to keep my stuff out on the table.  I'll only be able to work in fits and starts after today. 

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