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Friday, March 25, 2016

Miniature Display Case for Shop

I am having waaay too much fun learning how to make miniatures, lol.  I worked on this house and display case from 9AM to midnight last night, and from 8 AM  to 8:30 PM tonight (with many breaks to watch Youtube videos on how to build minis, and lots of caffeine breaks, lol).  I'm learning a lot!
Mini display case
 The little doll (she really needs a name; how about Sadie, lol?) immediately decided the display needed to be moved.
 She was so busy she didn't see her dog, Rufus, sneak in.
 Whew; that was hard work!  Time  to sit down.  "Rufus, what are you doing in here?"
 Sadie moved things around some more while Rufus looked on.  He was very interested to hear his mummy mutter things about cupcakes and cookies.  Would there be treats, he wondered, wagging his tail.
 "We need a table and chairs and a shelf before we can stock the shop, Rufus," Sadie said.  Rufus turned away, sad there would be no treats today.
 Sadie looked around the shop, wondering where to put the chalkboard and the store sign. 
Sadie and Rufus will have to wait a while because I have to put this away for now.  I won't be able to use the dining room table to work anymore because the family comes home tonight.  I bet they'll be nice and tanned and relaxed from their week in Punta Cana.

 I'll try to work on a round bistro style table tomorrow.  I already cut the pieces out of cardboard.  After I get an idea of what I'm doing with cardboard, I'm going to try thin balsa wood.  There are so many things I want to try!  This is so much fun.

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