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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Teeny Tiny Mini Clocks

These little mini clocks were so simple to make.  I found the tutorial on dollar store crafts; sorry I can't find the link again.  Basically you print out a clock face (shrink it in microsoft word), glue it onto a rimmed button, and glaze with 3 dimensional stuff that makes it look like a window.

Edit: The 3 dimensional stuff is called Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.  Sorry for my bad memory and being to lazy to get up to check when I first wrote the blog, lol.  I bought it at Michaels.
You can get it online too: Dimensional Magic on amazon .
Miniature Clocks
 I did the little brown one first and the dimensional stuff overflowed and got all over.  Then I did the other three, each of which has a cupcake on the face.  In real life clock numbers 2 and 3 are nicest, but in photos the 1st one is nicest; weird!
Sadie couldn't decide which one she liked best so she bought them all.  I wonder which one she'll choose?  Poor Rufus is staring at the empty cake platter.  Soon Rufus, soon. ;-)


  1. Nice! may I ask what the 3 dimensional stuff is called?

  2. Thanks! It's Mod Podge Dimensional Magic; sorry about that. My memory is awful and I was too tired to get up to check the name when I wrote the blog...I could only remember the world "dimensional", lol. I'll go back and fix it :-).