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Monday, March 28, 2016

Dollhouse miniature covered cake stand

I am so happy with the way this mini cake stand turned out! 
I saw a tutorial on youtube showing how to make a cake stand out of a pushpin and a button, and that is what this is.  I also added a cover (the top of my hairspray, lol), and a foam bottom so it wouldn't be as easy to tip over.

Dollhouse cake stand
Miniature cake stand
Trash to Treasure mini cake stand
The tutorial made it seem SO easy to take the metal tip off of a pushpin, but man, it's difficult!  My Dad had to do it for me, lol. I showed him the finished product just now and he cracked up laughing over how small it is.  You can see the toothpicks in the background of the above pic to get an idea.

I looked through all of my buttons to find one just slightly smaller than my hairspray lid so that the lid would fit over it just right.  It was an ugly deep burgandy with black discolorations, so I painted everything white, then went over it with pink nail polish to give a sort of glass effect.  I like the way the white shows through, giving it a marbled effect.

The button had holes so I filled them with glue and let that dry before I painted it.

My camera's charge gave out before I could get a photo of the cake stand without the cover, so I'll do that tomorrow.  I also worked on a little bistro style table and am waiting for the glue to dry.

Well, that's it for today.  Minis are addicting!

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